Great Grandma Conquer

We got to see Great Grandma Maevon Conquer a couple of times during spring break! We had initially thought we’d just get to see her once, but with an extra day we made sure to visit with her again. Cindy and Julia went and picked her up while they ran errands and she came and visited with us. The twins were so excited to see her! Emeline was named after Maevon’s mother, so Grandma made sure to tell Emmy all about her name.

The girls had a lot of fun at Grandma’s house, too. They didn’t want to leave! First, we got a tour of the house and all of the pictures and lots of stories about relatives. We only wish we had more time to hear more stories since we don’t get to go out to Arizona very often. The twins had a lot of fun with their grandma, too, and they laughed every time she joked around with them.

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