2 thoughts on “2015 Annual Interviews

  1. Emmy: I can’t believe you love division already! Long division was really hard for me back when I was in third grade. But then it got fun once I could do it well. Also: I love wearing pajamas too! I have never heard of King of Tokyo; do you think Logan and Josh and Abby would like it?

    Leah: I love that grocery shopping is her favorite thing to do! And that broccoli and salad are her favorite foods. And that she wants to be a grandma when she grows up.

    I will be back to watch Kaylee’s and Mayzie’s!

  2. Mayzie: I would love to see some of your art sometime! Have your mom or dad post it on Instagram. 🙂 I love that she wants to be a babysitter when she grows up! Or a firefighter — good combo. I’ve never heard of Fig the Fox, but I looked it up and I bet your cousins would like it, too! Bahaha — Alex’s favorite thing to do it sleep! Maybe. 😀

    Kaylee: Logan and Josh love science, too! We just had spaghetti last night, and Abby LOVES it. I just put Jungle Run on hold at our library; thanks for the recommendation — I bet Abby and Drew and Josh will all like it!

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