2014 Annual Interviews

We had a good General Conference weekend! In addition to eating lots of good food, we also have an annual tradition to record videos with interviews of our kids so we can see them growing up a bit!

Miss Mayzie:

Here’s Leah!:

Kaylee’s Turn:

Here’s Emeline:

Thanks for watching! If that’s not enough for you, take a look at our interviews from older years:

5 thoughts on “2014 Annual Interviews

  1. Yay! I made notes on my favorite parts as I listened:

    Mayzie: “Can you say it louder?” “FWEEEEEEEE!” I love that goldfish crackers are her favorite food; I bet Logan might agree with her. And her best friend is Leah! Aww. She is darling! Her “washed the spider out” actions are great. And she nailed it; Alex loves to sing on the computer. Waiting for his Youtube video.

    Leah: “One?” “No, you’re three!” “I’m AT preschool!” Who was coaching her off-screen to say “Mayzie” for her best friend?? Haha. “Tinkerbell!” with her hands up — so cute! Her facial expression for “snowflakes … ON THE COUCH.” And I love that Julia’s favorite thing to do is sleep!

    Kaylee looks so grown up. Aww — “Utah Farmington!” And “I love my family!” Sweet girl. Kaylee, spaghetti is one of my favorites, too!!

    Emmy! “P-I-Z-Z-A!” I love that she spelled it, and then “N-O” and “B-Y-E”! And I love that she wants to be a babysitter when she grows up. “Tell secrets that nobody knows … you’re not tricking me, mom!” I am impressed that she can do her own ponytails! Sounds like she’s still missing Lindsey — she works her way into almost every answer! And I think she really did nail her parents’ favorite things to do.

    Everyone really is so grown up this year!

  2. Kaylee was the one that told Leah to say “Mayzie!” for her best friend. It’s true, though. Those girls play really well together.

    You might be waiting a while for my Youtube video. I don’t think I’ve ever sang into the computer. 😉

    And thanks for the comment about our new couch- it’s actually a huge sectional plus another couch on the side wall. We’ll have to send you a picture!

  3. Thank you for doing those videos. I didn’t know before about them. What a great way to capture their sweet life. I love each of them and hope they have a happy life playing with each other and their fabulous parents! Aunt Dixie

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