Home Run Derby Time!

Every year for the Home Run Derby we like to make our picks for the winners so we can decide who we want to cheer for. This year we each picked our two favorites. We’ll update with everyone’s favorites as we get their votes. The derby will be at 6pm tonight!

Robinson Canó (Yankees) Chris Davis (Orioles) Prince Fielder (Tigers) Yoenis Céspedes (A’s) David Wright (Mets) Michael Cuddyer (Rockies) Pedro Álvarez (Pirates) Bryce Harper (Nats)
Alex X X
Annah X X
Bruce X X
Cathie X X
Christian X X
Christina X X
Emmy X  X
Julia  X  X
Kaylee X X
Leah X X
Mayzie X X
Richie  X X
Trevor  X X


Congratulations to Christina! She picked both finalists, which I don’t think anyone has done before. Our runners-up are Annah and Leah, who also picked the champion Cespedes. And congratulations to everyone, because not only did Robinson Cano not get chosen by anyone, he was also last place. Seriously, though, everyone had at least one player in the second round, which was pretty exciting. See Wikipedia for this year’s home run derby results by player.

4 thoughts on “Home Run Derby Time!

  1. The Rockies have someone in the Home Run Derby? But it’s not CarGo? (I heard him called that on the news a couple weeks ago, haha). I think he’s injured?

    I have not heard of any of these people, but at least I’ve heard of the teams. GO WOCKIEEEES!!!

  2. P.S. Next year you need to call Logan and invite him to guess. He saw this in my email and was excited about a home run derby. Then we forgot to watch. (Actually, I had the TV on at 6:00 … maybe it’s on one of the many channels we don’t get??)

  3. Beth, CarGo had been selected for the home run derby (there were going to be two Rockies), but then he was injured, so Pedro Alvarez took his place. Cuddyer had a 27-game hitting streak earlier this year for the Rockies that you might have heard about.

    Next year we’ll definitely invite Logan. Sorry we didn’t do that this year. He can check out the highlights here.

  4. Oh, and the derby was on ESPN, which you can’t get without cable. The Laymans subscribe to cable in Spokane, so we are able to login to their Comcast account to watch ESPN. Tonight’s All-Star game is on Fox, though, and I definitely plan to watch. The Royals have three players in it for the first time since 1988, the last of 13 years George Brett was an All-Star.

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