Second Annual Interviews!

It’s General Conference time again! We had lots of fun drawing pictures, eating good food, and of course, doing our annual interviews! Emmy and Kaylee were joined by their sisters Leah and Mayzie for the first time on their annual interviews this year. They’ve gotten a little bigger than last year, but they are still just as silly!

3 thoughts on “Second Annual Interviews!

  1. I finally got around to watching these!

    Emmy is getting so grown up! She looks like she could be a first grader. 😉 Abby also loves Hello Kitty and Fancy Nancy! And I love the “I have LOTS of FRIENDS!” That is great, Emmy!

    Love Kaylee’s favorite thing to do: “run in circles.” Hahaha! I bet that’s accurate, too. She seems to know what she likes pretty well!

    I love seeing all of the twins’ tricks! Mayzie clapping, Leah pointing out “dada” in the picture, folding their arms, and waving. That’s pretty good that they will do them on cue for the camera!

    Thanks for posting these! I liked seeing them! Sorry it took me so long!

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