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More Graduation!

Around the same time as Alex’s graduation my Dad was in the hospital for a leg infection so I didn’t really have a chance to do big celebration for Alex  SOOO about 2 weeks later I had a big surprise BBQ with a few friends!  Emmy was so excited to surprise Daddy!!  The only part that was hard was NOT telling Daddy!  It was kind of funny because there were several funny things she did that made me laugh a lot!  First of all she overheard me talking to one of Alex’s friends about having Alex help him move to get him out of the house while I got ready for the party.  So like 3 days before the party Emmy told Alex “Go help Bill move!”  which we all laughed about!  And it all seemed like a random comment until Bill called Alex and really was moving so then Alex was like “How did Emmy know about the move?”

The next two funny things were the cake and ice cream.  Ray came over the night before and Emmy kept asking Ray if he wanted some ice cream.  She had seen me buy the big tub of it for the party and wanted to share.  But I didn’t want Alex to know we had ice cream or he’d know something was up.  So I kept telling Emmy we didn’t have any when she’d bring it up and she seemed so sad that I wasn’t telling the truth.  Finally I got a chance to talk to her alone  and I reminded her it was a surprise!  Then she came back in smiling and was like “We don’t have any ice cream daddy becuase it’s a surprise”.  Then the next day I made the cake while Alex was gone.  But he got home early so I had to quickly move the cakes into the laundry room so he wouldn’t see them.  Emmy who had been in the kitchen with me when Alex got home ran out and told Alex to come see the cakes…but by the time she came back around the corner with dad in tow…there was no sign of cakes.  Emmy’s face was so hilarious becuase she was so confused!  Anyway, Alex found the cakes anyway and knew something was up!  Oh well!  Anyway, above  is his 2009 Graduate Cake!

It was a kind of cold and drizzly day so a lot of us ended up inside to eat!

Here is the yummy food!  We made hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad and everyone else brought a side!  It was great!

So the one surprise Emmy and I actually managed to keep was that I bought a bunch of fancy bottled sodas!  These were a tribute to Alex’s BYU graduation. Being the poor college students we were while at BYU bottled sodas were quite the splurge!  They still are…but they were so worth it!

Here are our guests who were tough enough to eat outside despite the miserable weather!  You guys rock!

Alex and Ray enjoying their rootbeers!  Cheers!

I think I mentioned in the last post how much Emmy loves cake!!

All the excitement put Kaylee to sleep!  What a sweetie!

“All our guests are gone and there is nothing left ot do but clean up! Sigh” (PS…This picture is not staged at all!)