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Gonzaga Party!!

Christian’s 21st birthday was the same day that Emmy started school so we had a party for him that night!  It was great because I had time to make the cake while Emmy was at school!  Anyway, my brother is a huge Gonzaga Basketball fan.  He has like 10 different gonzaga shirts and he pretty much just rotates through those for his entire wardrobe!  Not to mention his Gonzaga hat and socks!  Anyway, we had a Gonzaga themed party and he seemed to like it a lot!

Here’s Christian with his “game face” on enjoying the warm glow of the Gonzaga logo!

Here he is after he calmed down from his original reaction to seeing the cake!  haha!

Christian, Alex and Emmy after they are all full of cake!

My mom took this picture of Miss Kaylee begging for some cake!  Don’t you think her face just says “oh please Grandma…I know mom says no…but you’ll let me have some cake, right??”  I mean, I gave her a big handful of banana puffs.  Those are just as good as chocolate cake! 🙂

And some close ups of the cake!  Here is one with the big 21 on it!

Here’s one from above!  #31 is his basketball number and 3 point guy is his nickname for himself.  He was #31 on his church basketball team and when he finished high school the coach retired his jersey and framed it for Christian.  They even made him a little inscription about how much he meant to the team!  Pretty cool, huh?  Happy Belated B-day Christian!