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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a pretty low key Valentine’s day this year!  One of Alex’s presents was sleeping in so I played with the girls downstairs in the morning.   Our ward did secret valentine’s families this year.  So that afternoon we got our present together and ran it over to our secret family.  Afterward we had our usual v-day meal: Baked linguini, rolls, triple chocolate bundt cake, and some kind of drink in fancy glasses.  Emmy really liked the fancy glasses!

Here are the Valentine’s outfits my mom sent the girls!  Emmy wasn’t really in a picture taking mood so this is the best one we got!  Can you believe Kaylee is wearing a  6 month outfit!  She is growing so fast!

Emmy and Daddy on their dinner date!

Our lovely meal!

I promise we are only  drinking juice!  I thought this picture was funny!


Here’s a pic of the cake!  Alex has it every father’s day, birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s day.  Emmy got some strawberry shortcake stickers and magnets (complements of the Target dollar section).  Alex got some silly golf balls and headphones (so he can have quiet while he does his studying)…and that little piece of paper is for me.  It’s an hour back massage in town!!! I am so excited!

Emmy’s Bday

Well, Alex thought I posted to many pictures with the last post.  But he hasn’t seen anything yet because I’ve got even more for Emmy’s birthday party!



Here are a few pictures of Emmy’s cake!  I am practicing now for when she is older and requests a bunch of crazy stuff for her birthday cake!  This time she thought it was a toy and really wanted to play with it!


Emmy’s Aunt Beth and cousins came to visit for her birthday!






Emmy opening presents




Emmy’s cousins were really excited for Emmy’s presents too!  I forgot that all of Emmy’s party guests were little boys…but they did fine at the princess party!  Logan and Travis even used Emmy’s doll house as a garage for all their hotwheels!




Here are some pictures of Emmy’s totally awesome doll house!  I arrange all the furniture and play with it at night while she is asleep!  🙂


Emmy and her friends played out in the pool too!  Unfortunately I was inside cleaning up so I don’t have pictures from outside but they are on my sister-in-laws blog.  it’s beth.bethandnathan.com…check them out!




Here is Emmy blowing out the candles to her cake…and me standing around looking pregnant!


Beth got this table for Emmy from IKEA.  Emmy really wanted mom and dad to sit in it but we told her we were too big and that she had to wait for a little kid to visit.  She was so excited for it that she set all her dolls on the floor around the table and waited by the window until her cousin Logan came to play!



She was very excited when Logan and Joshua got there and made them sit down right away!

Alex’s Bday

So I’m a little behind but here are some pictures from Alex’s 27th birthday!  He is soooo old but still cute!


Emmy enjoying Daddy’s birthday pancakes!




Emmy helped me set up the decorations!


Alex has this cake every birthday, valentine’s day, father’s day, and on our anniversary.  Either he really likes it or I’m just not very creative!  Probably both!



Christina and Emmy helped me make the enchiladas the bday dinner.  We used Alex’s Aunt Julie’s recipe.  They are so good!






Alex got lots of fun presents to watch, play, and spend!


Emmy thinks every bday cake is hers!

Valentine’s Day!

OK, so I realize it was more than a month ago, but these Valentine’s Day pictures are too good to pass up posting on here. Emmy has a very silly look, I dipped some strawberries in chocolate for Julia, and she made an excellent meal! It was a very nice Valentine’s day, indeed. Hopefully our next posts won’t be so long in the making… and hopefully we can get the rumored walking videos online soon!


I woke up early to dip some strawberries in chocolate for Julia. It was much easier than it looks (hey, if I can make them look like this on my first try, more people should try it). Just don’t tell Julia how easy it was or she’ll have me make them more often.


So Emmy’s a bit of a messy eater, but that’s not really a surprise. She gets really hyper when she realizes she’s always the center of attention… which just feeds the hysteria.


Julia made an excellent meal for Valentine’s day including her famous Death by Chocolate Cake and baked linguini. This picture makes me hungry.

Emmy’s Backyardigans Birthday Cake


A few months ago, Julia’s friend gave a class on cake decorating, so Julia was excited to use her newly-found skills to decorate a cake for Emmy’s birthday. The cake looks really, really good, and has a picture from Emmy’s favorite TV show, The Backyardigans. (Extra points if you can name the character). Doesn’t the cake look great? She did an excellent job. I’m sure Emmy will be very excited to eat it at her birthday party. Thanks for the help, Angela!