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Gonzaga Party!!

Christian’s 21st birthday was the same day that Emmy started school so we had a party for him that night!  It was great because I had time to make the cake while Emmy was at school!  Anyway, my brother is a huge Gonzaga Basketball fan.  He has like 10 different gonzaga shirts and he pretty much just rotates through those for his entire wardrobe!  Not to mention his Gonzaga hat and socks!  Anyway, we had a Gonzaga themed party and he seemed to like it a lot!

Here’s Christian with his “game face” on enjoying the warm glow of the Gonzaga logo!

Here he is after he calmed down from his original reaction to seeing the cake!  haha!

Christian, Alex and Emmy after they are all full of cake!

My mom took this picture of Miss Kaylee begging for some cake!  Don’t you think her face just says “oh please Grandma…I know mom says no…but you’ll let me have some cake, right??”  I mean, I gave her a big handful of banana puffs.  Those are just as good as chocolate cake! 🙂

And some close ups of the cake!  Here is one with the big 21 on it!

Here’s one from above!  #31 is his basketball number and 3 point guy is his nickname for himself.  He was #31 on his church basketball team and when he finished high school the coach retired his jersey and framed it for Christian.  They even made him a little inscription about how much he meant to the team!  Pretty cool, huh?  Happy Belated B-day Christian!

3 years old!!

Well, I really can’t believe that Emeline is already 3 years old!  It has gone so fast!  It’s crazy how some days can go so slow but then the year flies past!  Emmy wanted a Care bear birthday party so that is what we did.  This year instead of having all her friends and family over at the same time I decided to do one during the day for all her friends and then have a family get together after dinner! She had a ton of fun at both but two parties equals a lot of pictures…so I hope you all enjoy!

Here’s miss Emmy the morning of her birthday.  She was kind of up with the sun that day because she was so excited!  This was taken just a few minutes before all her friends arrived!

Here is her cake!  Some of you may remember that I did a care bear cake for my sisters birthday too (at Emmy’s request).  That turned out to be great practice for this cake!  Emeline was so excited that it was all pink!  I made this one the same way as the other one only double high so it could feed more people.

As always we got a swimming pool out.  Kath got us this one at the end of last summer so Emeline was excited to try it out this year. The giraffe sprays water out his mouth too and the kids all loved that!  Thanks Kath!

Here is the whole gang!  They are staring right into the sun for this shot but they had a fun time I promise!  haha, what cuties!

Some of Emeline’s friends gave her these pretty dress ups and jewelery.   She was so excited for all her friends to be there and super surprised that they brought her presents!  She still remembers exactly who got her each thing and talks about them all the time.

One of her friends got her this great balloon too.   She had a ton of fun moving it all around the house!  I also put this picture in because I loved the outfit she chose for the day!  Ballerina pajamas with snow boots…very fancy Nancy of her 🙂

Josh and Logan (with the help of their mom of course) knew just the perfect card to send Emeline for her birthday.  It had a picture of princesses and a mirror on it…what more could a 3 year old fashionista want!  She was very excited! Thanks you guys!

Emmy’s Great grandparents also sent her some birthday cards with a little spending cash to boot!  She was so excited to take her very own money to the store and buy something “all by herself”!  How fun!  This picture makes me laugh because it looks like she is shaking it and waiting for the money to fall out.  haha

Here’s Emeline with all her loot!

Max and Kath gave her real walkie talkies!  She loves cell phones so she was so excited to get these!  They are really cute!

Here is an up close look at them!  They are pink and purple and oh so shiny! 🙂 They look just like motorola razors (which I used to have), so I’m pretty sure Emmy thinks she got her very own cell phone!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Baker for the really fun gift!

Alex got this shot of Emmy opening her present from Grandpa and Grandma Layman.  She saw this doll at my cousin Stacy’s house back in March and has been talking about it ever since!  It actually crawls and giggles and burps!  Super fun!  A funny thing though was that it couldn’t be shut off without taking it out of the packaging so the bag it was in kept shaking and talking every time someone moved past it!  Hilarious!

Here’s a picture of Alex taking a picture of the doll!  Plus it gives a better angle of Emmy’s face!  What a girl!

And finally, her mom and dad got Emmy her very first bike!  She is finally tall enough to rotate the pedals around so we decided it was time.  She also rides bikes at her school for physical therapy so this helps her to practice at home too!  She had a great birthday!

I just can’t believe it has already been 3 years since we were in the hospital with Emmy.  We are so glad that she is part of our family and doing so well.  She is such a happy little girl and an awesome big sister!  We love her very much!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELINE!  (even though this post is over a month late)

Alex turns 28!

In the proud tradition of Alex’s birthday we all made our annual pilgrimage to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet!  In attendance this year were: Alex, his dad, Ray, Christian, Aaron, Bill, Me, my mom, Christina, Emmy and Kaylee!  It was super yummy and fun as always!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!  Sorry it took me so long to post these pics!

Some people had already left when we took this picture but here are two tables of the crowd.  Alex and Christian had a pizza eating contest and you can see some of the plates stacked up on both tables!

Alex and his little girls! Happy Birthday daddy!!

So you may look at this picture and say “I didn’t know Julia had a ten year old son”.   Just kidding!  I made this cake for Alex’s birthday.   When he first got home he protested that he was a grown man and not a little kid…but you could see his eyes light up when he was saying it.  Then like 10 minutes later he said “too bad we didn’t have a Decepticon because then it could climb up the other side of the cake and they would look like they were going to battle”.  So grown man…little boy…you be the judge!  🙂 I love you Alex!

Here’s Alex with his cake!  Too bad he doesn’t like it at all!  haha!

Christina helped me make the spaghetti and meatballs for Alex’s birthday dinner!

Here’s Alex opening his brand new camera!! Our old one has been having a lot of problems so we upgraded!  The new one is great and really small!  It has been awesome to take in a purse or a pocket! Now that we take it all the time we have a ton of new pictures so I really need to catch up on the blog!

My parents got Alex this cooler for his birthday too.  But Emmy and Kaylee liked it even more than Alex!  Here they are playing in it.  What cuties!

Beauty Shops and Birthday Parties!

Christina came and visited in June for a week!  She was really here to help my dad who was recovering from a leg infection so we didn’t go do too much but we did get to hang out and have some fun!

While Christina was here she painted Emmy’s nails for the first time!  She had been begging me for a while (she is such a girly girl) and I told her Aunt Christina could do it when she came!  So as soon as we picked Christina up at the airport Emmy asked for her nails to be painted!  So Emmy and I went and picked out a color and Christina painted them!  She picked bright pink…who would have guessed!  She is trying to model them here but I don’t really see the color!  I do see some cute smiles though!

Emmy loves to play beauty shop!  The name of her shop should be “pain is beauty” or vice versa!  Aunt Christina loved it though!

Here’s Emmy trying to hide in the DVD cabinet!  She thinks if she can hide her face then you can’t see her!

Christina’s b-day was the day after she left so we had a little party for her while she was here!  She remembered that when Emmy saw Santa Claus at Christmas she asked for a care bear cake.  Since Santa didn’t bring it at Christmas…Christina asked for one for her b-day.  Emmy was ecstatic!  It was good practice for me because Emmy wants a care bear party for her birthday next month.  Only she wants Cheer bear…or in her words, the pink one with the rainbow tummy.  Anyway, this cake was really easy to make.  Here is what I did.  Using one cake mix I made 5 cupcakes and two 9-inch round cakes.  Put the two round cakes together and used 4 cupcakes as hands and feet.  Then I cut the 5th cupcake in half and made the ears!  I think next time I would use 2 mixes and make it double high.  Since I separated out the batter for the cupcakes the round cakes were kind of thin and having two layers would be a lot better.  Anyway!  That’s how to make a big headed care bear! 🙂  Decorate it however you like!

Baseball in the back yard!  Alex has been teaching Emmy baseball and she is always very excited to pass on her knowledge of the sport to anyone who will play!

Grandma and the girls!

Getting Emmy to look at the camera is getting harder and harder!  But she had a great time playing ball with Grandma and Aunt Christina!

“Here Aunt Christina…Let me help you finish that!!”  This was taken about 1 second before that entire plate landed in Kaylee’s and Christina’s laps. Perhaps I should have grabbed the plate instead of the camera! 🙂

Alex trying get Emmy to stick out her tongue!  Funny story about this picture.  At girls camp you can turn in your cameras and they make a slide show with all your girls camp pics.  However, I had about 5 pictures from home on mine and this was one of them…so the lady putting it together stuck this in.  So this displayed on the big screen for all the young women and their leaders to see!  Alex was thrilled when I told him!

Happy Birthday Aunt Christina!! We love you!

More Graduation!

Around the same time as Alex’s graduation my Dad was in the hospital for a leg infection so I didn’t really have a chance to do big celebration for Alex  SOOO about 2 weeks later I had a big surprise BBQ with a few friends!  Emmy was so excited to surprise Daddy!!  The only part that was hard was NOT telling Daddy!  It was kind of funny because there were several funny things she did that made me laugh a lot!  First of all she overheard me talking to one of Alex’s friends about having Alex help him move to get him out of the house while I got ready for the party.  So like 3 days before the party Emmy told Alex “Go help Bill move!”  which we all laughed about!  And it all seemed like a random comment until Bill called Alex and really was moving so then Alex was like “How did Emmy know about the move?”

The next two funny things were the cake and ice cream.  Ray came over the night before and Emmy kept asking Ray if he wanted some ice cream.  She had seen me buy the big tub of it for the party and wanted to share.  But I didn’t want Alex to know we had ice cream or he’d know something was up.  So I kept telling Emmy we didn’t have any when she’d bring it up and she seemed so sad that I wasn’t telling the truth.  Finally I got a chance to talk to her alone  and I reminded her it was a surprise!  Then she came back in smiling and was like “We don’t have any ice cream daddy becuase it’s a surprise”.  Then the next day I made the cake while Alex was gone.  But he got home early so I had to quickly move the cakes into the laundry room so he wouldn’t see them.  Emmy who had been in the kitchen with me when Alex got home ran out and told Alex to come see the cakes…but by the time she came back around the corner with dad in tow…there was no sign of cakes.  Emmy’s face was so hilarious becuase she was so confused!  Anyway, Alex found the cakes anyway and knew something was up!  Oh well!  Anyway, above  is his 2009 Graduate Cake!

It was a kind of cold and drizzly day so a lot of us ended up inside to eat!

Here is the yummy food!  We made hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad and everyone else brought a side!  It was great!

So the one surprise Emmy and I actually managed to keep was that I bought a bunch of fancy bottled sodas!  These were a tribute to Alex’s BYU graduation. Being the poor college students we were while at BYU bottled sodas were quite the splurge!  They still are…but they were so worth it!

Here are our guests who were tough enough to eat outside despite the miserable weather!  You guys rock!

Alex and Ray enjoying their rootbeers!  Cheers!

I think I mentioned in the last post how much Emmy loves cake!!

All the excitement put Kaylee to sleep!  What a sweetie!

“All our guests are gone and there is nothing left ot do but clean up! Sigh” (PS…This picture is not staged at all!)

Kaylee’s Blessing!

Kaylee Maria Baker was blessed March 29th, 2009 in Los Alamos New Mexico by her dad!  It was a great day!  My mom and Christian were down for spring break and Beth and her family drove down for the weekend.  So Kaylee had both sets of Grandparents, all of her cousins, and most of her aunts and uncles here.  Alex blessed her and one of the ladies in our ward who writes short hand copied it down for us (what a nice gift!).  The circle also included Max (Grandpa), Nathan (uncle), Keith Morgan (friend), and Josh Miller (friend) and Bishop Betts (bishop).   After church we had a family lunch and celebrated!


Kaylee is already 3 months old so I was a little worried the dress would be too small…but it fit great and she looked adorable!  Look at her big blue eyes!


These booties are gorgeous but Kaylee only keeps socks on for about 2 minutes.  Luckily Beth got a picture before Kaylee kicked them off!


Logan saying good morning to Kaylee before church!  Kaylee got tons of compliments on her bonnet.


Here’s Kaylee and her Daddy all ready for their big day!  This dress is the same dress that Emmy and I were blessed in.  It’s on loan from my mother.  So far all of her grandchildren have been blessed in it (Emmy and Kaylee) 🙂


Emmy wasn’t really in a picture taking mood but we managed to wrangle her into a few of them anyway.  Here we are after church!


Kaylee and her proud parents.


The whole gang


Kaylee kept sticking her hand on Emmy’s face when we were trying to get a picture of the two of them.  Emmy and Kaylee both thought this was hilarious!  Kaylee was even giggling!


Kaylee with Grandma and Grandpa Layman!


Naps all around!


Kaylee with Grandma and Grandpa Baker!


In the words of Emmy, “UNCLE WAY!!!!!”


Kaylee smiling with her Aunt Beth!


Uncle Christian wearing his Gonzaga Bulldogs shirt and holding his newest niece!


All the cousins!  It took 4 adults to get this shot together but it worked!  I was very impressed and it turned out really cute!  Emmy loves to hold Kaylee’s hand in all the pictures.


“oooh cake…”


“Just a little closer…”   SUPER BABY!


So for those of you into decorating cakes…here is a pic of Kaylee’s cake.  Alex bought me a cake decorating kit for Christmas and I finally got to try it out!  The booties are made out of 3 marshmallows.  Two standing up for the heels and one cut in half and laying down for the toes.  Then I just piped lines of frosting on them to make it look like crocheted booties.  I liked the design because Kaylee’s Grandma Baker knits all kinds of things for her family and friends!


Emmy makes a pretty cute biker chick! Logan, Ray and Emmy- born to be wild!!


Don’t I have a cute husband??  Thanks for giving Kaylee such a nice blessing and happy day!