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A Day at Chamberfest

While mommy was shopping for all the food for our church’s girls camp, the girls and I decided to check out the annual Chamberfest here in town. We had a lot of fun at the bounce house (all four girls loved it!), the car show, the sand pile, cotton candy, and especially the bubble pit.

So our preferred mode of transportation is in our Graco double stroller. We parked pretty close, so we didn’t do a ton of walking, but when they all rode together (like they did for most of the car show), Leah and Mayzie ride in their seats like normal, Emmy hangs out in the bottom basket, and Kaylee rides on the handle and faces back toward me. We got quite a few comments and even more looks riding around that way and even got someone from the Daily Post that took a picture of us at one point. One of the questions the photographer was sure to ask was if they were all my kids. 🙂

The thing I love about Chamberfest is that a lot of it is geared for kids. Businesses from town handed out things like frisbees, light-up yo-yos, silly putty, color-changing cups, sunscreen, water, and more. The girls all loved the bounce house, but the girls’ favorite activity was either the sand pile (just a bunch of sand dumped out in the middle of Central Avenue, which was closed to cars) or the bubble pit, which was also free (and run by some of our friends who also run the bounce house). Anyway, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves from here. Many of the car show pictures were taken by our lovely photographer Kaylee, who likes to get her fingers in most of the shots. 🙂

Bounce House at Chamberfest
All four girls loved the bounce house


The girls checking out cars
The girls checking out cars
Mercedes, on
Mercedes, on
Emmy and Kaylee's favorite car
Emmy and Kaylee’s favorite car
This guy just got back from the future
This guy just got back from the future
Sandpile in the middle of the street
Sand pile in the middle of the street
Playing in the Sand
Playing in the Sand
Beach Babes
Beach Babes
Bubbles everywhere!
Bubbles everywhere!
Here come the bubbles
Here come the bubbles! Emmy is in the blue shirt.
Check out my new cup!
Check out my new cup!

Bass Pro Shop and Breakfast with Kasey and Karl

After the zoo, Julia came up with a plan to go to the Kirkland home store (she had been the day before to a smaller one in Mesa) on the way back to Aunt Cindy’s house. Since they had a Bass Pro shop right next door, Emmy, Kaylee, and I decided to check it out while she and the twins found all of the right decorations. I’m not supposed to tell you that Julia had so much fun at Kirkland each time that she dreamed about shopping there two nights in a row.

The Bass Pro Shop is awesome. We could spend all day there, really. We had been to the one in Denver with my family and this one was similar, so the girls knew right what to do when we got there – check out the aquarium and the elevator. I have good memories of going to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri when I was a kid so I definitely enjoy going back each time. We had fun checking out all the tents, especially the biggest one which they really liked since it had two rooms. While we were there, we made a discovery that not only did the Bass Pro Shop sell fudge, but they gave out free samples. Since we knew Julia would be a while at the decoration store (kidding, Julia!), we decided to try a bunch of different kinds and settled on peanut butter and chocolate for Emmy and I, and rocky road with marshmallows for Kaylee and Julia. I’m not sure what it says about us that I remember all the details about our fudge but I can’t even remember the names of the animals we saw at the zoo.

On Saturday morning we went to go see Julia’s friend Kasey, her husband Karl, and their two kids. Since it was right in the middle of the busy tax season, we decided to meet Kasey at IHOP, where Emmy and Kaylee both got huge pancakes with faces on them. It was lots of fun to catch up with them! Continue reading Bass Pro Shop and Breakfast with Kasey and Karl

Phoenix Zoo

On Friday we went to check out the Phoenix Zoo. It seemed that lots of kids had the day off since it was Good Friday, so the Zoo was pretty crowded when we first got there. We had lots of fun seeing different animals, although some of them were pretty reclusive, possibly because it was a warmer day.

We borrowed a stroller from Julia’s Aunt Cindy, which meant that Emmy and Kaylee got to share a seat, walk around the zoo, or ride on my shoulders. Our favorite animals were the tiger, giraffes, and zebras.

I was surprised that Emmy and Kaylee didn’t get too scared when the tiger roared close by, which was pretty cool. He was one of the first animals we saw walking around very much. After that we went to feed the giraffes since they are one of Emmy’s favorite animals, but the girls were a little too scared to do that so they watched as I fed her a lettuce leaf and some other food. The giraffe’s had an African name for eyelash because she had huge eyelashes! It must take her forever to put on mascara in the mornings.

Kaylee’s favorite was the zebra – she kept asking to see them and we finally did right before we left. Julia noted that zebras were a lot bigger than horses. The girls thought it was hilarious that they got to see a zebra relieve herself right in front of us. Good to know that we have such refined children. After the zebras we checked out the carousel and got a nice big soda to drink. We’re definitely not used to Arizona heat, and this was only April! Continue reading Phoenix Zoo

On the Road and Fun in Phoenix

(To see these pictures larger, click on the image. You can use the arrow keys to navigate).

For Emmy’s Spring Break, we decided to take a trip to Arizona so that the twins could meet their Great-Grandma Conquer. They got to meet my grandma last summer while we were evacuated during the fire, so if we can fit in a trip to Oregon they will have met all of their living great-grandparents.

As you see in the first picture, Los Alamos had got quite a bit of snow on Sunday night, so we were eager to get to Arizona with some warmer weather. I’ve never visited Arizona in the summer (except just driving through), and I’m not sure I could handle all that heat, but the weather was great the whole time we were there. The girls did great on our drive! Julia and I think they’re spoiled, of course, considering that they got to watch movies on the DVD player. We both remember riding in the car on many vacations with no such luxuries. 🙂

Continue reading On the Road and Fun in Phoenix

While Mommy’s Away…

Last weekend, Julia went to Time Out for Women, a conference where women talk about womanly stuff. And while Mommy was away, the rest of us had a party! Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day, so Julia made us a fancy St. Patrick’s Day fruit plate – a little rainbow with a pot of gold coming out of it for some of the festivities. Very nice. The pot of gold did not survive long, and the rainbow was eaten right along with it, because we got to watch movies (Emmy was somewhat obsessed with Steve Martin’s version of Cheaper By the Dozen that weekend) and play all weekend long!

Julia is not a fan of sloppy joes, but I think they are delicious, so the twins and I cooked some up while Grandpa Bruce came and watched the girls while they rode bikes. I figured that since Julia likes food when you take fancy pictures of it, I would do the same when I cook. What do you think? Here, have some more sloppy joes. I made ’em extra sloppy for youse! I know youse kids like ’em sloppy!

The girls got to sleep in their sleeping bags in a play tent I set up for them in their room. The tent had a tunnel in and out of it, which they made sure to use each time they wanted to get out. The girls decided to wear some of their swimming gear to bed instead of actual pajamas, but isn’t that what parties are for?

When we got up the next morning (which was way too early, by the way… when do kids start wanting to sleep in?) we had green pancakes for St. Patrick’s Day!

We even ate in the living room, but don’t tell mommy! Here they are on their second watching of Cheaper By the Dozen. Also note that Emmy was sure to wear her green pants, at least until later, when she decided she wanted to get pinched.

Mayzie (on the left) and Leah played obstacle course in the tent. Apologies for the cell phone pics. Emmy and Kaylee made sure they had fun going through the tunnel a bunch of times…

And they even set up a path for the twins to crawl along before they came into the tunnel. These sisters had a lot of fun playing together.

And when all the fun was over, they all hopped in the bath to get cleaned up so that we looked a little more presentable for when Mommy came home! Leah definitely enjoyed the bath with all her sisters, and Emmy did a great job as the woman of the house to make sure everyone was safe.

Utah or Bust!!

Well, about a year ago my mom and I decided that we were going to go to BYU education week!  I was really pregnant at the time and a little stir crazy so I was super excited to go!  Since then I kind of had a lot of trips pop up like girl’s camp, NC, Colorado, Vegas, and coming soon: Disneyland!  All of which were AWESOME!  I’m not trying to complain or brag…I’m just trying to say that I know we looked a little crazy this year with our trips and that next year will be the year of Los Alamos!  At the beginning of the summer I should have just written “DISCLAIMER: The pictures on this blog do not depict typical life for those involved!”  So you all have to promise that you will still read our blog next year even if our “stay”cations are not as exciting… okay??  There will still be plenty pictures of cute little Kaylee and Emmy running around!  Throw in their super fun cousins, aunt and uncles, and grandparents and it will still be a party on our blog! 🙂

Anyway, Education week was a blast!  I went with my Mom and Aunt Cindy!  Christina was with us for part of the time too!  So we had a total girls week!  For those of you who don’t know, ed. week at BYU is basically a week where BYU invites speakers from all over the country to come and present short week long classes on a lot of different topics!  If you ever get the chance I highly recommend going!  I went to mostly classes on homemaking, family relationships, emotional/spiritual health, and child rearing!  I loved it!

Christina started teaching school the week we got there but she got to hang out with us for the weekend! Here we are in the car ready to follow my Mom and Aunt Cindy up to Park City!

My Aunt Cindy gets awesome deals on hotel rooms through her time share association!  So she got us this really great room in Park City.  It’s the second story of the section painted green!  It had two bedrooms, two bath, a kitchen, dining room, and living room!  It was pretty much bigger than mine and Alex’s first three apartments! 🙂 The combination of soft beds and no nighttime feedings helped me get super rested!!  Playing cards until 3:00 and talking all night helped me get not so rested!  So it kept me in a good balance!  I had a ton of fun!  Thanks Cindy!

Here we are at a restaurant that was right across the street from our room!  I had eggs benedict for lunch!  One of my favorites! Yummy!

This is my Mom, Christina, me, and Cindy at the restaurant again!  You can see the ski trails behind us here!  It was really pretty there!  I had never really gone to Park City other than the outlet malls (which we went to while we there…score!)  The only sad thing was that I kept thinking of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and how they always went to Park City.  I miss the good ol’ days of that show!

Here we are in front of the restaurant again!  I’m sure the waitress loved taking 3 pics of us!

While we were in Utah we went to Heber to visit my Great Aunt Shirley and also to visit memorial hill.  Here is a picture of the WWII memorial.  My Grandpa is Hal A. Cummings!  All three (yes I have three) of my Grandpas served in the armed forces during WWII and two of them are buried in Heber.  My great grandparents are also buried there.  When we lived in Utah it was nice to visit the cemetery on Memorial Day!

Here we are at the outlet mall of all outlet malls!  They have an Osh Kosh, Carters, and Children’s Place outlet!  It’s pretty much all a mother of little girls needs!  (With the obvious exception of a KOHL’s)!   Anyway, since I’m missing the semi-annual Little Forest Resale this year…I was glad for the outlets’ back to school specials!

Here is Christina in her brand new gym!  She teaches P.E. at a beautiful new high school in Springville!

Sorry the sun was too bright through the window!  This was such a cute picture I had to put it in any way!  This was a really fun day because it combined two of my favorite things: hanging out with my good friend Angela and eating at Cafe Rio!  It was so fun to see Angela and Lucas and meet her brand new little boy Marcus!

So this was my best attempt at taking our picture by holding the camera out!  It was so much fun to see Angela!  I miss her so much down here in Los Alamos!  I got to see her great new house and her great new little boy!  We had so much fun at lunch that I blew off classes the next afternoon and hung out at her house!  Don’t tell Alex I skipped classes though or I’ll be so busted!

BYU also has a lot of affordable nighttime shows and concerts that you can go to!  We went to Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat!  You can see in the picture it had a Vegas spin on it.  It was very cute and we had a great time!

Sisters!! Mom and Cindy at the play!

Sisters! Christina and Julia!

Thanks Cindy, Mom and Christina for the great week!  I had a lot of fun and I think the break made me easier to live with…right Alex??  And of course thanks to my awesome husband for watching the girls and letting me go!  And thanks to Emmy and Kaylee for watching Daddy so I could go!  Well, I feel like I’m giving an acceptance speech so I’m just going to end by saying that Beyonce had the best music video of all time!  🙂  So fun!