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Alex turns 28!

In the proud tradition of Alex’s birthday we all made our annual pilgrimage to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet!  In attendance this year were: Alex, his dad, Ray, Christian, Aaron, Bill, Me, my mom, Christina, Emmy and Kaylee!  It was super yummy and fun as always!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!  Sorry it took me so long to post these pics!

Some people had already left when we took this picture but here are two tables of the crowd.  Alex and Christian had a pizza eating contest and you can see some of the plates stacked up on both tables!

Alex and his little girls! Happy Birthday daddy!!

So you may look at this picture and say “I didn’t know Julia had a ten year old son”.   Just kidding!  I made this cake for Alex’s birthday.   When he first got home he protested that he was a grown man and not a little kid…but you could see his eyes light up when he was saying it.  Then like 10 minutes later he said “too bad we didn’t have a Decepticon because then it could climb up the other side of the cake and they would look like they were going to battle”.  So grown man…little boy…you be the judge!  🙂 I love you Alex!

Here’s Alex with his cake!  Too bad he doesn’t like it at all!  haha!

Christina helped me make the spaghetti and meatballs for Alex’s birthday dinner!

Here’s Alex opening his brand new camera!! Our old one has been having a lot of problems so we upgraded!  The new one is great and really small!  It has been awesome to take in a purse or a pocket! Now that we take it all the time we have a ton of new pictures so I really need to catch up on the blog!

My parents got Alex this cooler for his birthday too.  But Emmy and Kaylee liked it even more than Alex!  Here they are playing in it.  What cuties!

Ice Skating!

Alex took Ice Hockey almost every semester he was at BYU so he loves ice skating!  I myself am horrible at it, so I usually let Alex pull me around the rink a few times and then I sit and watch him speed around everyone!  This year we went as a family and invited another family from the ward to go too.  All the kids had a really fun time!

This time I had the perfect excuse to just watch (seeing as I was only 2 weeks postpartum). So Alex asked Emmy if she wanted to be his skating partner and she did!  Alex took her around a couple times and she did great!  She was very focused the whole time and we worried if she was having fun, but as soon as she sat down afterward she told me how great it was and was just beaming that she had done it!  Good job Emmy!

Alex, Christina and Annah helping Emmy skate!

Here she comes…

She had a giant smile on her face and someone walked in front of me right when I snapped the picture…so this is the best one I got!  But she is cute all bundled up even without the smile! Alex looks pretty darn cute in the picture too!  What a fun Daddy!

Here’s the whole crew!  Christian kept Emmy and me company on the bench while we drank hot chocolate!

Fun with the Givens/Bakers!

Beth and Nathan got to stay the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s so Emmy and Kaylee got to play with their cousins a lot!  We had a lot of fun and here are the pictures to prove it!

The day after Christmas we got together to watch Wall-E.  Emmy finally decided it was okay to share her new Dora chair so here is Josh relaxing while watching the movie.

Kaylee being cute in her little bonnet!

Here’s all the kids playing Mario Kart Wii! It was fun having so many people to play with because I always beat Alex…so I was ready for a challenge! 🙂 (that’s just to see if he’s reading the blog)

Here’s Alex and Logan boxing.  Hey Logan, pick on someone your own size!

Even Kaylee got in on the Wii action!  She is so good she can play with her eyes shut!

Josh and Emmy hard at work!

“Hello Josh, it’s me Emmy!  How is your side of the step?”  This was funny to watch because Nathan has a nice blackberry from work and Emmy kept trading Josh our old cell phone for the new blackberry.   She loves to be accessorized with the latest technology!  Just imagine when she is a teenager!  Sheesh!

Emmy sneaking a peek at Kaylee over Daddy’s shoulder

Alex’s friend Albert was in town for the holidays and so everyone went out to eat at the China Moon!  Emmy had the flu so we didn’t get to go!  But they all had fun and got to eat delicious food!

I got Emmy this basketball hoop at the big resale they have in Los Alamos every year and it was a big hit at Christmas!  Someone even taught Emmy to say “SLAM DUNK”.

Logan and Emmy rocking out with Emmy’s new Hannah Montana microphone from Grandma Baker!


Another mom in our ward has two girls who are the same distance apart as Emmy and Kaylee so she lent us these matching Christmas dresses that her girls used to wear!  They were so cute and I was worried they wouldn’t get a chance to wear them to church (since Kaylee was born so close to Christmas).  So I had Annah and Christina do a photo shoot with them.  We did end up making it to church the week after Christmas so they did get to wear them for all to see!!

Emmy and Kaylee learning how to be sisters from two professional sisters!  Aunt Annah and Aunt Christina!


Emmy and Grandma.  Emmy has a sneaky look on her face…

Kaylee and Grandma Layman

Let me just rearrange these for you mom…

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Frosty the Snowman” are her two favorite Christmas songs.  During the week Kaylee was born she made my mom and Christian watch Frosty about 50 times and would look out the window and call “Frosty, where are you??”  And on occasion she still makes us sing the “Santa Claus to Town” song for her at bedtime!

Christmas Morning!

This was the first year Emmy understood what happened Christmas morning so it was really fun!  She could barely get to sleep at night so she was kind of tired the next morning.  We were supposed to be at the Bakers’ by 9:00 so we finally had to wake Emmy up.  She jumped right up and started saying SANTA CLAUS,  SANTA CLAUS!!  A couple of Emmy’s presents were pretty big so Santa left them at our house instead of the Bakers’.  Emmy got a brand new big girl bed and a crib and high chair set for her dolls.  She was really excited and we captured it all on video…but forgot to take pictures!  But we did snap some shots of her bed once it was all set up!  I’ll post those later.

After we opened the couple presents here at home we went to the Baker’s where Santa had brought the rest of our Christmas!  It was fun to see all of the kids so excited!  And the big kids (like Alex and I) were pretty excited too!!

The tree was up on a table to keep little hands away (which I thought was a great idea!) and then the presents were piled up from floor to the top of the table (which the kids thought was also pretty awesome!)

Emmy trying to carry a bunch of her presents at once!  We had to convince her to set down every toy after she opened it so that she could open the next one.  She just wanted to hold them all in her arms!

Kaylee and I relaxing in the big comfy chair!

Emmy opening Wall-E.  She had been asking for this ever since she saw it in the theater.  Her cousins are also very big Wall-E fans and they got it for Christmas too!

Emmy, Logan and Joshua thanking Grandma and Grandpa for all their new toys!!

Kaylee enjoying her Christmas morning pacifier while the rest of us enjoyed yummy waffles that Kath made.

Joshua and Emmy checking out Emmy’s present from Uncle Ray!

“It’s just what I wanted!!”  Logan was so excited when he opened this toy that he had to play with it right away!  That Santa is so good at knowing just what a little boy would want!

Emmy quickly set up all her toys in a giant circle around her!  The Dora chair was also a Christmas present…so she was surrounded!

“I feel pretty…oh so pretty”  Her ponies came with a mirror, combs, and bunch of barrettes that can also be used for people!  She loves to play beauty shop which is probably why Santa picked this particular box of ponies!  The barrettes even clip into Daddy’s hair which was so exciting!

When I was little my Aunt made us a puppet stage like this one.  Last year Kath got all her grandchildren sesame street puppets  so I thought it would be fun to make a stage for my girls and Beth’s boys.  This one is Kaylee’s and Emmy’s and they all had fun playing with it.  They are really easy and affordable to make so if anyone wants to know how to do it let me know.

Josh and Emmy playing Sesame Street!

Christmas Eve

Beth and Nathan brought their boys down for Christmas so all of the Baker’s were here!! It was very fun to see them and Emmy had a blast playing with her cousins!  It was also great because they got to meet Kaylee right away!  Here’s some pictures from when they came!  (Beth and Alex took a lot of these since I was kind of occupied with Kaylee…THANKS GUYS!)

We went over and had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Baker’s house for Christmas Eve.  Here’s Joshua meeting his brand new cousin!

Logan and Emmy taking a rest from practicing for the Nativity pageant!  Everyone loves the big chair at Grandma and Grandpa’s!  They were really cute as you will see in a few pics from now…

I looked high and low for pajamas that would span between newborn and 2T.  I finally found some really cute ones at The Children’s place online.  They actually had matching adult pajamas too but Alex drew the line there.  Maybe next year!

Here they are, straight from Bethlehem!!  Mary, Joseph and Donkey!

And what nativity would be complete without a shepherd!  I think he was also the innkeeper and all three wise men.  Joshua’s next gig will be a one man show on Broadway!

See I told you they were super cute in their pageant!  Beth read the story out of the New Testament while the kids acted it out!  We have a video of them too…but you’ll have to come visit us to see it!  It also stars Kaylee as baby Jesus.  Now if that doesn’t get people to come visit Los Alamos I don’t know what will! 🙂