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Happy Easter!

Although we were definitely glad we stayed an extra day in Phoenix to see Grandma Conquer and others again, we were a little sad we missed going to church on Easter Sunday since we drove back home that day. Emmy had school the next day, so we gave the girls a bath and when they got out they saw that the Easter Bunny had come! Emmy and Kaylee were super excited to see little baskets next to Leah and Mayzie’s cribs.

Grandpa Bruce came over for the egg hunt and helped us find all the eggs. Even the twins found a some.

We got to wear our Easter outfits to church the next week, and the girls all looked great! (Be sure to click on the picture so it doesn’t look like I’m missing my head!) We’re glad we got to spend a lot of the Easter season with family, and we had lots of fun on our spring break. If you look at the pictures above, you can even see the area above our fireplace that Julia decorated with her finds from Kirkland’s Home Store! Continue reading Happy Easter!

Bass Pro Shop and Breakfast with Kasey and Karl

After the zoo, Julia came up with a plan to go to the Kirkland home store (she had been the day before to a smaller one in Mesa) on the way back to Aunt Cindy’s house. Since they had a Bass Pro shop right next door, Emmy, Kaylee, and I decided to check it out while she and the twins found all of the right decorations. I’m not supposed to tell you that Julia had so much fun at Kirkland each time that she dreamed about shopping there two nights in a row.

The Bass Pro Shop is awesome. We could spend all day there, really. We had been to the one in Denver with my family and this one was similar, so the girls knew right what to do when we got there – check out the aquarium and the elevator. I have good memories of going to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri when I was a kid so I definitely enjoy going back each time. We had fun checking out all the tents, especially the biggest one which they really liked since it had two rooms. While we were there, we made a discovery that not only did the Bass Pro Shop sell fudge, but they gave out free samples. Since we knew Julia would be a while at the decoration store (kidding, Julia!), we decided to try a bunch of different kinds and settled on peanut butter and chocolate for Emmy and I, and rocky road with marshmallows for Kaylee and Julia. I’m not sure what it says about us that I remember all the details about our fudge but I can’t even remember the names of the animals we saw at the zoo.

On Saturday morning we went to go see Julia’s friend Kasey, her husband Karl, and their two kids. Since it was right in the middle of the busy tax season, we decided to meet Kasey at IHOP, where Emmy and Kaylee both got huge pancakes with faces on them. It was lots of fun to catch up with them! Continue reading Bass Pro Shop and Breakfast with Kasey and Karl

Phoenix Zoo

On Friday we went to check out the Phoenix Zoo. It seemed that lots of kids had the day off since it was Good Friday, so the Zoo was pretty crowded when we first got there. We had lots of fun seeing different animals, although some of them were pretty reclusive, possibly because it was a warmer day.

We borrowed a stroller from Julia’s Aunt Cindy, which meant that Emmy and Kaylee got to share a seat, walk around the zoo, or ride on my shoulders. Our favorite animals were the tiger, giraffes, and zebras.

I was surprised that Emmy and Kaylee didn’t get too scared when the tiger roared close by, which was pretty cool. He was one of the first animals we saw walking around very much. After that we went to feed the giraffes since they are one of Emmy’s favorite animals, but the girls were a little too scared to do that so they watched as I fed her a lettuce leaf and some other food. The giraffe’s had an African name for eyelash because she had huge eyelashes! It must take her forever to put on mascara in the mornings.

Kaylee’s favorite was the zebra – she kept asking to see them and we finally did right before we left. Julia noted that zebras were a lot bigger than horses. The girls thought it was hilarious that they got to see a zebra relieve herself right in front of us. Good to know that we have such refined children. After the zebras we checked out the carousel and got a nice big soda to drink. We’re definitely not used to Arizona heat, and this was only April! Continue reading Phoenix Zoo