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Great Grandma Conquer

We got to see Great Grandma Maevon Conquer a couple of times during spring break! We had initially thought we’d just get to see her once, but with an extra day we made sure to visit with her again. Cindy and Julia went and picked her up while they ran errands and she came and visited with us. The twins were so excited to see her! Emeline was named after Maevon’s mother, so Grandma made sure to tell Emmy all about her name.

The girls had a lot of fun at Grandma’s house, too. They didn’t want to leave! First, we got a tour of the house and all of the pictures and lots of stories about relatives. We only wish we had more time to hear more stories since we don’t get to go out to Arizona very often. The twins had a lot of fun with their grandma, too, and they laughed every time she joked around with them.

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Fun with Family for Spring Break

We got to see lots of family in Mesa! Most of Julia’s relatives on her mom’s side live in Mesa, so we got in a lot of quick visits with family. Most of the Tawzer clan (including plenty we didn’t manage to get pictures of) went to Lynn and Dixie’s house where we got to talk a bit while Emmy and Kaylee rode bikes outside with their second cousins. It’s fun to have so many cousins!

While we were in Mesa we stayed at Cindy and Lee’s casita, which Emmy and Kaylee claimed as their own house by the end of the trip. 🙂 We got to see a lot more family at Cindy and Lee’s house, including their son Shawn, Kasey and Denise and a few of their kids (who got to hear Kaylee tell all about our trip to the zoo), and Great Grandma Maevon. We’re sad we didn’t take more pictures.

We got talked into staying an extra day so that we could see Julia’s cousin Mandy perform as part of an improv comedy group called Jesterz. What a lot of fun! Mandy’s sister Calli and her friend Fiona even babysat the girls for us that night, which was awesome. The girls rode bikes all evening and generally had lots of fun staying up past their bedtimes.

We’re really glad we could come visit!

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On the Road and Fun in Phoenix

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For Emmy’s Spring Break, we decided to take a trip to Arizona so that the twins could meet their Great-Grandma Conquer. They got to meet my grandma last summer while we were evacuated during the fire, so if we can fit in a trip to Oregon they will have met all of their living great-grandparents.

As you see in the first picture, Los Alamos had got quite a bit of snow on Sunday night, so we were eager to get to Arizona with some warmer weather. I’ve never visited Arizona in the summer (except just driving through), and I’m not sure I could handle all that heat, but the weather was great the whole time we were there. The girls did great on our drive! Julia and I think they’re spoiled, of course, considering that they got to watch movies on the DVD player. We both remember riding in the car on many vacations with no such luxuries. 🙂

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