Monthly Archives: April 2011

Up to no good…

Hey, it’s me, Alex! Do you ever feel like a guest writer on your own family’s blog? Back in the day I was the only one who wrote here. Anyway, it’s time to get you all caught up.

You can probably tell that we’ve been up to no good. As some of you might know, we’re expecting twins at the end of June! That has meant that life has been super crazy. One of these days we’re going to catch up on this blog. Here are some of the exciting posts that you can look forward to:

  • We took out our sauna to make a spot for our family room!
  • We had a fun trip in December to Denver to see Beth & Nathan
  • We all went to Annah & Richie’s wedding in Spokane right after Christmas
  • We found out we were having twins!
  • Emmy plays basketball!
  • Everyone gets sick! No, I mean everyone! (We’ll save you from an actual post on this one)
  • Beth and her kids came to visit us in New Mexico! (see Beth’s blog post for some great pictures)
  • Spring Break!

Anyway, life has been busy, but we would regret it if we let everything pass by without writing it down so we can remember it better. There’s lots of fun coming up, too!