Trip to Idaho

This summer we had a chance to visit some of Alex’s family in Idaho!  It was Kaylee’s first time meeting her great-grandparents!  Here are some pics from our trip to the land of potatoes!

Emmy loved playing with all of Great Grandma and Grandpa Baker’s toys!  She and Kaylee would bring them all to the living room and show them one by one to Grandma Baker!

Alex’s grandparents were potato farmers and they still have a lot of the equipment in their shed.  Emmy and Kaylee love to sit in the tractors!  Here is Kaylee pretending to drive one!

Kaylee and Emmy joyriding!

Looks like Emmy will need Kaylee to get on the ground and work the pedals!

Here is the view from their backyard.  The mountains in the background are the Grand Tetons.

One of Alex’s favorite things to do in Idaho is relax in his grandparents basement!  It stays really cool down there all year round and was a great break from our 90 degree house!

In the northwest the sun stays up until 9!  The girls loved having a few extra hours of playtime!  Here they decided to run through the sprinkler in their clothes!

They were totally soaked!  Luckily the Baker’s have a clothesline in the back yard and we just hung everything out to to dry!

3 generations of Bakers!  A good looking crew!

Here is Emmy and her giraffe named Hershey saying goodbye to Grandpa!  The girls both cried in the car because they missed Grandpa and Grandma but we told them we’d be back! We had a great time!

2 thoughts on “Trip to Idaho

  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! What a great summer. Are you sad it’s coming to an end or just ready for it not to be 90 degrees in your house?

    I’m so excited for Fall, just not ready for Winter:).

  2. I miss my grandparents. And Idaho. I haven’t been up there since, um, 2005. Yikes. I think we’ll plan a visit next summer!

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