Tiny Town

One day while we were there we got to go to Cafe Rio and then to Tiny Town!  Both were great!  Here are some pictures from our trip to Tiny Town USA.

The covered wagon letting us know that we’ve arrived!

Logan looking on the roof of the general store!

They had little bench areas in between most of the buildings.  The benches were one of Emmy’s favorite parts!

Here come daddy and Emeline down main street!

Josh liked the barn dance!  Inside there were a bunch of barbie and kens dressed up like cowboys!

Kaylee takes a look in the flower shop!

Emmy peeking into the grand mansion of tiny town!

Told you the benches were Emmy’s favorite part!  She loves little chairs for her Kaylee.  Like when we go to Costco and they have little picnic tables set up that are her size she will sit there for hours!

The light house!  So interesting facts that I was reading about tiny town.  It actually opened in the early 1910s and was flooded like in the 50’s or something like that.  This lighthouse originally sat over the actual stream but I think was moved after the flood.

Alex is an opera star!

The airport!

Tiny town also has a train that circles around the park and lets you see some of the other houses that you can’t just walk up to.  The girls loved it!  (Alex just told me that right after our trip one of the trains actually derailed and some of the passenger got hurt!  Scary!)

Here’s a pic that Beth took of Emmy and her daddy on the train!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Town

  1. Yeah, Tiny Town! Thanks for coming with us. I knew my nieces would appreciate it more than my sons would. Special thanks to Alex who dealt with his potty-training nephew and for Julia who took care of all the rest of the kids while Alex was helping his sister. 🙂

    And yeah, we saw on the news about the railroad derailment just about a week after we went there — I felt just sick seeing the footage! Nobody was seriously hurt but yeah, even though that weekend was filled with plenty of accidents and throw up and building of seas in the basement, it could have been WAY worse!! So glad we went when we did.

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