Oquirrh Mountain Temple

My sister Christina went to the temple for the first time in June!  We were so excited for her and glad that we could all come and share her day with her!

Here we are outside the Oquirrh Mountain temple.  It has quite a view behind us!

My Aunt Cindy got to come up from Arizona to spend some time with us also!

Here’s Christina in front of the temple!  Isn’t her dress pretty too? I guess you can’t really see it in this picture since it is so dark…but she looked very pretty and very happy!

“Sisters are doing it for themselves”!  That’s just a little Simpson’s joke for my sisters!

It was really great to have Alex there at the temple with me!  It made me think back to our wedding day!

Another pair of sisters! 🙂

And now all the ladies!

Congratulations Christina!  Glad we could all be there for your big day!

4 thoughts on “Oquirrh Mountain Temple

  1. Oh, I really like these pictures!! Really cute one of you and Alex especially and I love the pic of the three “sisters” (since I sort of adopt you all as sisters, since I don’t have any … thanks!!) 🙂 What a beautiful temple and beautiful views, too.

  2. Wow Laymans and Bakers what great times you are having together. So many memories. Christina, I am so happy for you. Life is what we make of it and you are all making the most of it. Congratulations also to Annah. You had that Glow in December which didn’t fool us! Julia, your girls are fabulous and fun. They are what makes life worth living. And sister, Cathie, aint bein a grandma awesome! Love to you all.

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