Children’s Museum

We also took Christina to the Children’s museum in Albuquerque while she was here!  We’d taken the girls once before when Kaylee was still crawling!  Now she was old enough to do some damage and she was in heaven!

Here are daddy and Kaylee just walking in to the museum!

Kaylee surveying all there is to do!

Emmy blurs past us on her way to the next game to play!

They have this really neat fountain in the front lobby that shoots water out of perfectly smooth pipes at high speed and makes perfect streams.  The girls can push buttons to make different pipes shoot at different times…they loved it!

Uncle Christian!

One of Emmy’s and Kaylee’s favorite exhibits was a wind tunnel that could blow dixie cups in the air!  They built different cups for about a half and hour…which is really long in the world of a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old!

Here’s one of Emeline’s creations hovering!  She was definitely working up a sweat running around the museum!

Here’s Kaylee flying a plane!  This was one of her favorites!  It was one of my favorites too because to make the plane fly it had a bunch of giant fans blowing straight toward you and it was a hot day!

Kaylee in the captains chair!

A hall of mirrors!  This was giant hit!

Which one is the real one??

Even the ceiling was a mirror!

Aunt Christina about to drive a bike across a cable wire!

There she goes!  She is up above the first floor in this pic.  So when you are down in the exhibits you can look up and see people biking over your head!

And we finished the day off with some giant bubbles. We love going to the science museum and hopefully we will get back soon!

5 thoughts on “Children’s Museum

  1. We love children’s museums. They are such fun places. We’re going to have to try to get to the one in Indy this winter. And I can’t believe Christina on that bike! Wow. I would be a little nervous:).

    Also, did I hear right that Anna is getting married?:)

  2. Yes! Annah is getting married on Dec. 28th! She is actually marrying one of Alex’s old roommates. Alex didn’t set them up or anything…it was just one of those small mormon world things! We will head up to Spokane on Christmas eve! We are really excited for her! And the girls are excited to wear poofy dresses! Emmy says “thank you Annah is getting married in her prayers every night”:-)

  3. That is so exciting! What a neat Christmas that will be. It’s such a magical time and a fun time to get married:). I can’t wait to see your post on that one!

    That is really cute that Emmy is so excited. I bet she’ll have a great time!

  4. Okay, we might just have to try this out sometime! If we make it down to Albuquerque with you guys we will have to try it out! The dixie cup thing looks fun and I really need to see that fountain in person; it sounds cool. (Does the place not have air conditioning? Why was it so hot, even inside?? Crazy New Mexico.)

    We haven’t been to the Children’s Museum in Denver yet; I ought to take the boys before Logan is too old for it (weirdness; he is getting old. I’m not getting older, but he is … how is that happening??) Anyway, come to Denver again so we can take you to the Butterfly Pavilion (yes, my nieces need to go see butterflies for sure!) and to the Children’s Museum!

    Oh, and I was just reading Julia M’s comment and your response — I love how Emmy includes Annah’s marriage in her prayers! Super cute!

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