Brick Oven Pizza

When we  made it back to Provo we got to eat at Brick Oven pizza with my Mom and sisters!  The girls had never had it before and they both loved it!

Kaylee and Aunt Annah waiting patiently for their pizza 🙂

We told Emmy to stop covering her face with her hands so she started taking all her pictures with her hands up in the air!  Very clever little girl!  Aunt Christina joined in on this one!

We went on Monday night and they had free root beer for the whole family if you buy a pizza…which we did…so free root beer!! Yum!

Cheese!  Here’s Grandma, Christina, Annah and Kaylee!

The girls had about 2-3 glasses of root beer each so they were a little hyper!

We stayed with my friend Angela and she gave Emmy a coupon for a free kids pizza!  here she is enjoying her VERY OWN pizza! She was pretty excited 🙂

Alex didn’t want to let any root beer go to waste!  (Root beer and pizza are probably on his top 10 best things list)

And finally…Kaylee helps daddy finish off the root beer…I think this picture might help me win Mother of the year!

5 thoughts on “Brick Oven Pizza

  1. That does look good! You now we never went there although I knew where it was. If we ever go back we’ll have to try it out.

    I love the last picture of Kaylee!

    It would be a lot of fun to visit Provo again. Daniel is there now. He just got back from Jamaica.

  2. Ah-HAHAHAHA!! These pictures are awesome! Especially love all the ones of crazy Kaylee and the one of my brother and his root beer. Hilarious.

    Brick Oven is one of my favorite Provo haunts, too! We went there for our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple and had heart-shaped pizza. (We picked Brick Oven because it was within walking distance from our apartment at the time!)

  3. That root beer is excellent. And I wasn’t just doing it for the picture, I really did drink it out of the pitcher. The fact that I did it with a straw shows that I’m civilized. 🙂

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