4th of July!

After our trip to Utah, Christina came to New Mexico for a visit!  Here we are at the fireworks on 4th of July!

Getting our chairs lined up and facing the right direction!

Alex bought Emmy and Kaylee these korean gummy candies.  I wish that I still had the bag so I could type what it said on the front of the bag.  It was hilarious.  It didn’t make much sense and it was talking about how the candy had a smooth silky taste like women’s hair!  Yum!

Emmy looking guilty about something…


The crowd!

Kaylee and I enjoying the fireworks!  Alex must have been taking all the pictures since he’s not in any of them!  But he was there…we promise! 🙂

One thought on “4th of July!

  1. Where did Alex get Korean gummy candies?? Crazy.
    That fireworks picture turned out really nice! Good job on taking your kids; we have never taken our kids to the fireworks. What lousy parents! (The only time you’ve probably missed them was the year at our house! What lousy hosts we are!!) 🙂

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