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Abby’s Blessing

Abigail was blessed on Aug. 1st, 2010.  We were so excited to be there for her big day!

Josh and Kaylee “help” get Abby ready!

Here is her pretty dress and bonnet!  What a sweetie!

I think this picture is so cute with her little tongue kind of sticking out!


We’ve added 3 grandkids since the last Baker family picture so it was great to have the whole clan together for a photo shoot!

Here’s a pic of Abby and some of the men that were in her blessing circle!  Both her Grandpas, her dad, and her uncle Alex!

And  finally the whole Given family!  Congratulations you guys!

Tiny Town

One day while we were there we got to go to Cafe Rio and then to Tiny Town!  Both were great!  Here are some pictures from our trip to Tiny Town USA.

The covered wagon letting us know that we’ve arrived!

Logan looking on the roof of the general store!

They had little bench areas in between most of the buildings.  The benches were one of Emmy’s favorite parts!

Here come daddy and Emeline down main street!

Josh liked the barn dance!  Inside there were a bunch of barbie and kens dressed up like cowboys!

Kaylee takes a look in the flower shop!

Emmy peeking into the grand mansion of tiny town!

Told you the benches were Emmy’s favorite part!  She loves little chairs for her Kaylee.  Like when we go to Costco and they have little picnic tables set up that are her size she will sit there for hours!

The light house!  So interesting facts that I was reading about tiny town.  It actually opened in the early 1910s and was flooded like in the 50’s or something like that.  This lighthouse originally sat over the actual stream but I think was moved after the flood.

Alex is an opera star!

The airport!

Tiny town also has a train that circles around the park and lets you see some of the other houses that you can’t just walk up to.  The girls loved it!  (Alex just told me that right after our trip one of the trains actually derailed and some of the passenger got hurt!  Scary!)

Here’s a pic that Beth took of Emmy and her daddy on the train!

Trip to Denver!

Our new niece, Abby, was blessed at the beginning of August!  We got to go up for a long weekend and celebrate with her family!

Here we are meeting Abby for the first time!  The girls are ecstatic to have a girl cousin!

Emeline loves babies!  She wants us to have twin boys next time so that both she and Kaylee can have their own baby brother and not have to share!

Kaylee loves babies too!  She carries her baby doll around everywhere and was kind of surprised that this little baby could move! 🙂

Uncle Alex holding Abby in her adorable elephant jammies!

I got to hold her for a bit while others ate!  I was in baby heaven!

Kaylee and Emmy keeping Abby entertained 🙂

Every time Abby was sleeping Kaylee would put this baby doll on Abby’s play mat as a place holder I guess!

Kaylee enjoying some of Josh and Logan’s awesome toys!

Emmy loved this fireman hat too!

Children’s Museum

We also took Christina to the Children’s museum in Albuquerque while she was here!  We’d taken the girls once before when Kaylee was still crawling!  Now she was old enough to do some damage and she was in heaven!

Here are daddy and Kaylee just walking in to the museum!

Kaylee surveying all there is to do!

Emmy blurs past us on her way to the next game to play!

They have this really neat fountain in the front lobby that shoots water out of perfectly smooth pipes at high speed and makes perfect streams.  The girls can push buttons to make different pipes shoot at different times…they loved it!

Uncle Christian!

One of Emmy’s and Kaylee’s favorite exhibits was a wind tunnel that could blow dixie cups in the air!  They built different cups for about a half and hour…which is really long in the world of a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old!

Here’s one of Emeline’s creations hovering!  She was definitely working up a sweat running around the museum!

Here’s Kaylee flying a plane!  This was one of her favorites!  It was one of my favorites too because to make the plane fly it had a bunch of giant fans blowing straight toward you and it was a hot day!

Kaylee in the captains chair!

A hall of mirrors!  This was giant hit!

Which one is the real one??

Even the ceiling was a mirror!

Aunt Christina about to drive a bike across a cable wire!

There she goes!  She is up above the first floor in this pic.  So when you are down in the exhibits you can look up and see people biking over your head!

And we finished the day off with some giant bubbles. We love going to the science museum and hopefully we will get back soon!

More summer fun with Aunt Christina

Here are some pics of stuff we did while aunt Christina was here!  Since it was the 4th of July weekend we enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible!


Emmy loves tennis!

Then we decided to go give baseball a try!

Not next summer but the one after that Emmy will be able to play t-ball!  She is very excited!

Time to bring in the big guns!

Later in the weekend we decided to head over to the pool!

Kaylee debating whether or not to drink the pool water!  NOOO!  Kaylee is already putting her face in the water and doggy paddling!  She is probably going to be the next Michael Phelps!

Emmy learned to put her face under the water and pick things up off the bottom of the pool this summer!  She can also walk from one end of the shallow end to the other all by herself with no help!

The big kids in the big pool!

Emmy’s new goal at the park was to climb the wall climbing thing!  Here she is on her way up!

Anything Emmy does Kaylee has to do too!  She is crazy!

Aunt Christina and Kaylee on the slide!

Aunt Christina and Emeline on the slide!

Aunt Christina and mommy on the slide!

All of us were tired after a weekend of fun! 🙂

4th of July!

After our trip to Utah, Christina came to New Mexico for a visit!  Here we are at the fireworks on 4th of July!

Getting our chairs lined up and facing the right direction!

Alex bought Emmy and Kaylee these korean gummy candies.  I wish that I still had the bag so I could type what it said on the front of the bag.  It was hilarious.  It didn’t make much sense and it was talking about how the candy had a smooth silky taste like women’s hair!  Yum!

Emmy looking guilty about something…


The crowd!

Kaylee and I enjoying the fireworks!  Alex must have been taking all the pictures since he’s not in any of them!  But he was there…we promise! 🙂