Spring Break!!

Here are some pictures from Spring Break!!

So the trouble with being so behind on our blog is that I forget so many of the details.  Like in these pics I kept wondering “Why don’t I have any pics of the girl’s in church dresses?” and “how did we have time to do an easter egg hunt before church?”  Then I remembered that it was General Conference that weekend!!  It was really nice to listen to the prophet on Easter and spend time with family!

Kaylee did great for her first Easter Egg hunt!  (It was really her 2nd but she wasn’t mobile for her first so it was a whole new ballgame!)

Emmy finds a stash next to the bookshelf!

Kaylee and Emmy enjoy their findings!

Kaylee kept eating her candy with the wrappers on so we really had to watch her!  Foil, Yum!

My mom’s b-day was the day after Easter so we had a party for her!!  Emmy decorated her cake with M&M’s!! I forgot to get a close-up picture but it was great!  Good work Emeline and Happy Bday Grandma!!

Christina got to visit for part of Spring Break and we took her on a hike up to the natural arch.  We missed the arch turnoff but we found a great trail anyway!  The only problem was that it was only supposed to be a 2 mile hike and we ended up doing around 8 miles!  Oops!

Kaylee trying to be like Aunt Christina!

The view was apparently hair raising!

Kaylee stole my little stick so I got a bigger one!



Christina didn’t have on the best shoes (since we told her it would only be 2 miles)!! Ouch!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break!!

  1. I can’t believe how little Kaylee looks in these pictures, even though it was just a few months ago. Also, her hair has grown a ton. Crazy!

  2. I don’t think I’ve hiked the Arch since before the fire. Wow.

    Excited to see what Kaylee looks like “now” after reading Alex’s comment! 🙂

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