These are just a couple of funny pictures I cam across of Kaylee.  She likes to dress up in my clothes or shoes when she finds them.  Here she is sporting one of my sweatshirts that fell down in the closet.  Clothes on the floor become property of Kaylee!

Doesn’t she look like the cutest little Sith Lord you’ve ever seen?

At least I’m taller than someone in my family!  My sweatshirt goes all the way to her toes!

2 thoughts on “Random…

  1. Bahaha! Cute little Sith Lord.

    Are you sure that’s not my sweatshirt?? 😀 (Thanks for letting me copy you!)

  2. Yay for lots of posts!!! We’ve been in Utah at Aaron’s mom’s cabin but are finally home! It feels so good to be home after a 30 hour drive and now I have lots of new posts to read! Can’t wait to go through them all!

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