Preschool Graduation

Emmy finished her first year of preschool in May!  She does preschool through the public schools, which is great because she can receive all of her special services during the school day.  Right now she goes to speech, Occupational Therapy, and physical therapy.  The hope is that with early intervention she wont have to pulled out of Kindergarten that much.  She will probably have to do PT for awhile though.  She had a great year and loved all of her teachers!  She is already excited for next year!

Here’s daddy and Emmy singing some songs with Emmy’s class!

Here Emmy realizes that the rest of her fan base has arrived!  Hi Emmy!

Kaylee loves going to Emeline’s class because she gets to play with all the big kids!

Emmy taught Kaylee all the fun things she could do on the playground!

Here’s Emmy going up to get her diploma!  Ms. Schembri gave her the “I can do it by myself” award!  Anyone that know Emmy, knows that is the perfect award for her!

Afterward the whole class got to go to the park and have otterpops!  YUM YUM!  Congratulations Emmy!  We are so proud of you!

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  1. Great job, Emmy!

    Can you explain what occupational therapy is? And if I understand correctly, does this mean that Jean doesn’t come to your house anymore?

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