Great Grandpa and Grandma Layman

Just before school ended we had a chance to go up to my Grandparents’ house!  My dad bought me and the girls plane tickets for mothers day so that my Grandpa could meet Kaylee!  My mom went with me to help with the girls and we all had a great trip!

Here is a pic of Grandpa meeting Kaylee!

Emmy had been to Oregon twice already so she kept telling Kaylee all the fun stuff they could do!

We finally convinced Kaylee to stand still for a picture!  Emmy and Kaylee are my Grandpa’s only great grandchildren so far!

Here’s a pic of all of us out in the yard!  Their driveway makes a loop and Kaylee had a great time running around it while Emmy would ride around it with Grandpa on his scooter!

This is their dog Pudge!  Kaylee and Emmy both loved her!  We just had to keep our eye on Kaylee so that she didn’t try to ride her like a horse! 🙂

One of the stores we went to had these car carts to ride in!  Emmy asked to go back everyday so that she could ride in the little car!

Beep beep!

Emmy and Grandma posed while I tested out my camera!  These pics came out really cute 🙂

Kaylee wants in on the picture action!

What a sweetheart!

Kaylee had to sleep in our pack n’ play and was very jealous that Emmy got to sleep in the big bed!  So every morning Kaylee would take a turn in the bed too!

The girls had so much fun while we were there that they needed a little break!  They were really excited that my grandparents had the Disney channel.  Somehow it is even more fun to watch Mickey Mouse away from home!

Kaylee gets done with her break and is ready to have some more fun!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for a great trip!  We are really glad we could come and visit!