We went to the park one day to play frisbee with the girls!  They had never played before and were super excited about throwing things without getting in trouble 🙂

Here’s Kaylee attempting to kill the frisbee 🙂  She liked to play monkey in the middle the best!  She just had fun running as far as she could!  We will for sure have to get her in soccer or something as soon as she is old enough.  She really needs help each day to use up all of her energy 🙂

Here’s the whole crew!  If you look closely you can see Kaylee attempting a long distance throw!

Emmy was getting pretty good at throwing but especially at catching!  She was also very excited to be wearing a hat just like daddy and Grandpa!

Kaylee telling us what to do!  “Go long”

Emmy even practiced a few different types of toss!  She is going to be a great ultimate frisbee player!

4 thoughts on “Frisbee!

  1. Haha; I just love your captions, Julia! 🙂 It really does look like Kaylee’s telling everyone to “go long.” 🙂

  2. You forgot to add that Emmy always says “Catch it to me” instead of “throw it to me”. That part makes it hilarious.

  3. It didn’t crash the second time with a different theme- maybe we’ll have to update it. Here’s a test with Firefox 4.0 beta 2.

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