Dance recital!

My friend Melissa taught a dance class for 3 year olds at church!  Emmy loves to dance and get dressed up!  She was a little reluctant about class at first but she ended up having a great time with all her friends!  Here she is at her recital!

Waiting in the wings for the show to start!

The ballerinas enter the stage!

Twirls!  Is she not the cutest ballerina you’ve ever seen?? (I’m totally unbiased!)

Shake your hips!

And take a bow!!

Great job girls!  We love you Emeline!

3 thoughts on “Dance recital!

  1. She’s definitely the cutest, plus she has the coolest skirt. There’s probably a fancy word for skirt if you’re a ballerina, right? I think it’s tutu. Yes, she has the cutest tutu.

  2. Yes, her skirt turned out super-cute! With her curls she is pretty much adorable. How fun for her to have a little dance class!!

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