Random pics from around the house!

One morning Emmy woke up and her hair was just standing on end!  We were giggling about it so she wanted me to take a picture!!  Here she is sporting her Einstein look!


And here is the back before it gets combed!  You can see why detangler is always on the shopping list! 🙂

Emmy and Kaylee loved to take naps together on the couch in our old place!  I haven’t tried it yet in our new house!

One day while Emmy was gone at preschool Kaylee and I set up all the tents and tunnels as a surprise for when Emmy got home!  Then we had butterfly shaped grilled cheese for lunch!

I love this picture because this is how Kaylee spends most of her days!  She watches Emmy all the time to make sure she is doing the exact same thing!  If Emmy took a bite, she took a bite!  They are such good sisters to one another!

2 thoughts on “Random pics from around the house!

  1. Those pics look so fun! And fun to take…I never have my camera when Rohnan smiles…we don’t know if he knows what he is doing or if it is just a reflex…

  2. That hair is AMAZING! SO sweet that they like to take naps together on the couch. I don’t think Eldon and Lilly would ever go to sleep that way. They keep each other up.

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