Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day!

So in Feb. we had offered on a house  that turned out being a bad deal so we pulled out!  Anyway, since we busy with all that stuff we didn’t get to do our annual Groundhog Day Extravaganza!  But we did still celebrate!  Here are some pics from Groundhog day and Valentine’s too!

Here’s the groundhog emerging from his long winter’s nap!

Kaylee trying out Daddy’s shoes!

For some reason the selection of Groundhog day decorations is slim in most stores.  They just haven’t caught the vision yet I suppose!  Here are some homemade signs!

It’s hard to find a really good recipe for Groundhog!  🙂

Emmy and Daddy made me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day!! Emmy was so excited she brought them up to me for breakfast!  They were so good!

We also had some choc. covered strawberries at Emmy’s dance recital!  She made sure to tell everyone that they were her mommy’s favorite and that she had made some for me!

And here were some of the v-day cupcakes we took to our secret valentine family!  My mom sends us valentine sprinkles and cupcake wrappers each year!  Which is great because our ward also does secret v-day families and you take them diff. treats!

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