Cowgirl day at preschool!

One week Emmy’s preschool class learned about cowboys and cowgirls!  Then at the end of the week they got to dress up like one!!

The whole time she was getting ready Emmy kept saying “Yee-haw”!! Because that is what cowgirls say!

My friend from church gave us the hat!  Aunt Beth had sent us this really cute shirt that kind of looked bandana-ish and I found an old bandana from Halloween a few years ago to make this ensemble complete!

Emmy loves this shirt from Aunt Beth!  Kaylee has a matching purple one and Emmy always makes Kaylee wear it the same day so that they can be matching!

The hat was a little big but Emmy had fun posing with it!  She loved preschool too!

4 thoughts on “Cowgirl day at preschool!

  1. Hey, the shirt is waaaaay cute on her! Yay! I feel a little silly that I didn’t realize it was a shirt when I bought it; I kept thinking “man, this dress looks waaaay short, but it says it’s the right size .. oh well.” 😀

  2. P.S. to Alex: Why does my browser (Firefox) crash whenever I leave a comment on your blog? At least it posts, I guess.

  3. Ooh, no crashing with that comment, at least. Maybe it’s random?

    And now I’m just spamming your blog with useless comments … 😯

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