Christmas Day!

Well, it’s June now…so that must mean it’s time for a post about Christmas!  Sorry we are so behind on our blog!  But, since we’ve been getting so many requests/threatening emails about updating our blog with pics of the new house I’m going to just be flying through the last 6 months!  Anyway, we did have a great Christmas back in 2009 and here are some pics from that!  Enjoy!

Our stockings were too full to stay hung by the chimney!  Thanks Santa!

So most of the pictures from Christmas morning are a blur because the girls were too excited to stand still for a picture!  Kaylee didn’t even really know what was happening but she could see Emmy was excited so she was running around screaming too!

Christian and Annah look somewhat less excited to be up that early! 🙂 Just kidding!  All the adults actually woke up before Emmy and Kaylee (they slept in till like eight). So I finally made a bunch of noise in the kitchen until they woke up!

Alex is like a little kid on Christmas morning (and most of the year)! 🙂

More blurry excitement on the way out to the living room!

The loot!

Kaylee relaxing in her new tent!

Emmy and Kaylee both got laptops from Grandpa and Grandma Layman!  They were a big hit!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Day!

  1. “Alex is like a little kid on Christmas morning.”

    SO TRUE. I love how he still wakes me up at 6am when we’re together for Christmas. I’m an adult; why can’t one of my Christmas presents be SLEEP?? 😀

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