Cake Auction and Marshmallow Thieves

Every year our ward has a spaghetti dinner and dessert auction to raise money for girl’s camp.  Here are two of the cakes I made for the auction and few pics of what the girls were doing while my attention was occupied!

A castle for the ladies…

A superman cake for the boys (complete with the 2010 mutual theme! Joshua 1:9)

Emmy was just barely tall enough to start opening the pantry for herself so she got the marshmallows for her and Kaylee to share!  At least she also got two plastic cups instead of just dumping them out in piles on the floor! 🙂

Caught red-handed and smiley-faced!

3 thoughts on “Cake Auction and Marshmallow Thieves

  1. I’m always so impressed with your cakes, Julia! Where did you learn all this–or did you teach yourself? My kids are lucky to get an iced cake:).

  2. I love these cakes. I also think its fabulous that she got the cups for their snack. So smart!

  3. I like that Emmy shared the loot with Kaylee, what a good sister!!! I miss them and you so much!

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