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Cake Auction and Marshmallow Thieves

Every year our ward has a spaghetti dinner and dessert auction to raise money for girl’s camp.  Here are two of the cakes I made for the auction and few pics of what the girls were doing while my attention was occupied!

A castle for the ladies…

A superman cake for the boys (complete with the 2010 mutual theme! Joshua 1:9)

Emmy was just barely tall enough to start opening the pantry for herself so she got the marshmallows for her and Kaylee to share!  At least she also got two plastic cups instead of just dumping them out in piles on the floor! 🙂

Caught red-handed and smiley-faced!

St. Patrick’s Day

Grandpa and Grandma Layman sent them a few goodies for St. Paddy’s day!  Here are the girls sporting their shamrocks!

Emmy figuring out her head band!  Kaylee is already sporting hers!

A purple flower just for Emmy!

“Kiss me, I’m Irish!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!

Cowgirl day at preschool!

One week Emmy’s preschool class learned about cowboys and cowgirls!  Then at the end of the week they got to dress up like one!!

The whole time she was getting ready Emmy kept saying “Yee-haw”!! Because that is what cowgirls say!

My friend from church gave us the hat!  Aunt Beth had sent us this really cute shirt that kind of looked bandana-ish and I found an old bandana from Halloween a few years ago to make this ensemble complete!

Emmy loves this shirt from Aunt Beth!  Kaylee has a matching purple one and Emmy always makes Kaylee wear it the same day so that they can be matching!

The hat was a little big but Emmy had fun posing with it!  She loved preschool too!

Random pics from around the house!

One morning Emmy woke up and her hair was just standing on end!  We were giggling about it so she wanted me to take a picture!!  Here she is sporting her Einstein look!


And here is the back before it gets combed!  You can see why detangler is always on the shopping list! 🙂

Emmy and Kaylee loved to take naps together on the couch in our old place!  I haven’t tried it yet in our new house!

One day while Emmy was gone at preschool Kaylee and I set up all the tents and tunnels as a surprise for when Emmy got home!  Then we had butterfly shaped grilled cheese for lunch!

I love this picture because this is how Kaylee spends most of her days!  She watches Emmy all the time to make sure she is doing the exact same thing!  If Emmy took a bite, she took a bite!  They are such good sisters to one another!

Picture time!

Here are some pics in the girls valentine outfits!  They were in a really silly mood when we took these!

Daddy trying to convince Kaylee to put the pacifier away for a little bit!

And curtsy!

Emmy got up on their dresser to take some pics….so….

Then Kaylee had to join her!

Kaylee has a really long tongue and she like to show it to us a lot!

Angel pose!

Emmy wanted to do “silly” pictures!  This usually just means she yells really silly things while we take the picture!

All 3 Baker girls!

Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day!

So in Feb. we had offered on a house  that turned out being a bad deal so we pulled out!  Anyway, since we busy with all that stuff we didn’t get to do our annual Groundhog Day Extravaganza!  But we did still celebrate!  Here are some pics from Groundhog day and Valentine’s too!

Here’s the groundhog emerging from his long winter’s nap!

Kaylee trying out Daddy’s shoes!

For some reason the selection of Groundhog day decorations is slim in most stores.  They just haven’t caught the vision yet I suppose!  Here are some homemade signs!

It’s hard to find a really good recipe for Groundhog!  🙂

Emmy and Daddy made me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day!! Emmy was so excited she brought them up to me for breakfast!  They were so good!

We also had some choc. covered strawberries at Emmy’s dance recital!  She made sure to tell everyone that they were her mommy’s favorite and that she had made some for me!

And here were some of the v-day cupcakes we took to our secret valentine family!  My mom sends us valentine sprinkles and cupcake wrappers each year!  Which is great because our ward also does secret v-day families and you take them diff. treats!