The Spokane Temple

While we were in Spokane we had the opportunity to go to the temple with my mom and Annah!  It was the first time Alex and I had been back to the Spokane Temple since we were married there in 2005!  It was a great experience to be there again!

Since our wedding they’ve added a new front addition on to the waiting room area so it looks a little different than the last time we were there.   Spokane was the second of the small sized temples (after Monticello).  Monticello has already been added on to in order to accomodate the number of people who use that temple and Spokane is a very busy temple as well!

Here we are trying to recreate our “classic” wedding pose in front of the gate!  Alex kept telling jokes though…which made me laugh…and consequently blink.

Me, my mom, and Annah outside the temple.

Here was a picture I took really quickly before we hopped in the car.  I thought it looked kind of pretty with the clouds in the back! (even though it’s off center)

I was really glad we had an opportunity to go the temple while we there!  It is such a wonderful experience to go with so many members of our family!

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