So…I guess this is better late than never!  We’ve had a couple crazy busy months here at the Baker household but I’m finally getting back into a groove and getting somethings done that I’ve been putting off!  Including the blog!  So without further ado…here are our pictures from our awesome trip to Spokane for Christmas!

Here’s a picture of Kaylee on the plane! It’s  kind of nice that Emmy gets an actual ticket now so we get a whole row of seats and the girls can stand up on the floor and play!  I can’t remember if it was this trip or the one to California  but on one flight Kaylee got her head wedged under the seat!  Which was a little sad but mostly funny!  That is such a Kaylee thing to do!

When Christian was in Boston Children’s after he was born my Mom found this shop that made little rocking horse ornaments.  So she bought one for each of us kids.  Last time they were in Boston my mom got some for Emeline and Kaylee too!   Here are Kaylee and Grandpa putting up Kaylee’s horse!

Here’s another shot of them putting up the rocking horse ornament!

Here’s Emeline’s ornament!  And Kaylee wearing her B-day girl shirt because it was her actual B-day the day after we got to Spokane!

We had Kaylee’s big party a few days before we left home but we had a small party for her on her actual bday too!  Here she is trying a little cake!

And here she is killing a little cake!