Crazy hair!

So get ready for some crazy pictures of Emeline…like you’ve never seen her before…with straight hair!!!

So one morning while I was sleeping in Emmy saw Christina and Annah straightening their hair and asked if they would straighten her hair too!  Here she is modleing her new do!

While they worked on her hair she kept touching it and saying “now I have flat hair like my Mommy!”  Haha! Thanks Emmy!  When she came in to wake me up she was so excited to show me her hair!  She kept saying “look mom we are the same”!  What a sweetie!

I’m sad this one is so blurry!  This was her model pose!

Here’s a pic. of Kaylee with Aunt Christina!  I call that Kaylee’s Park City outfit because she looks like she is ready hit the slopes!

And finally a very happy Emmy with her beauty stylist Aunt Christina!

3 thoughts on “Crazy hair!

  1. So cute!!! :0) Now after Aunt Christina & Annah leave guess who will be straightening Emmy’s hair?!? :0~

  2. Your girls are so cute! I love Emmy’s hair straight and curly, lucky girl! Love to see you again if you are coming the Utah way, still mising all of those NM gals!

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