Wake up sleepy head!

Emmy and Kaylee love to have their picture taken!  Here are some random pictures of us playing around!

Kaylee got to sit in my bed one morning while I finished getting ready!  She thought she was queen of the world!

It didn’t last long though.  She held still maybe 5 minutes and she was on the move again! Here she is about to pounce on the camera!

Here’s Kaylee just chillin’

Emmy helped me get Kaylee up and ready!  She is a really good helper now.  She always says things like “Kaylee Sweetie, no no”.  Kaylee follows her every move and they both love playing together!  It’s pretty cute!

Kaylee laughing at Emmy through the crib!

Look familiar?  We have a pic of Emmy that looks just like this!  I will have to do a side by side post!

Emmy took this picture and I was totally amazed at what a good job she did so I thought I’d throw it in here!  She is getting pretty good at using a camera!

One thought on “Wake up sleepy head!

  1. Those close-ups of Kaylee are SO CUTE! I miss her! Maybe I should visit.

    And Emmy is SO a budding photographer; wow! Nice framing. I think it uses the rule of thirds and everything.

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