One day Mid-December we got a ton of snow overnight!  The schools and the lab were closed so we all got to stay home and have a SNOW DAY!  It was very exciting!  Emmy begged all day to build a snowman but it was freezing cold outside.  Finally Mom and Dad caved and we all got our snow gear on and went out in the back yard!  We only lasted about 15 minutes before both girls were ready to come back inside but here are some pics we took of our quick adventure to the arctic!

Here’s Emmy, Dad and Kaylee heading down the stairs.  The wind blew the snow up our porch stairs!  So even on the top stair it is up to Emm’s waist!

I had to bring Kaylee back in for a minute while I grabbed some snow things and she fell over and couldn’t get back up with all her snow gear on!  It was kind of funny to watch and reminded me of the little brother in A Christmas Story (hmmm…i think I referenced this movie in the last post too!).  “I can’t put my arms down”!!  Don’t worry I helped her up right after I took the picture!

Kaylee playing in the snow!  Too cold to smile!

Alex making a snow ball or a snowman’s head…I’m not sure which!

Here is Emmy and her little snowman.  The snow wasn’t very good for packing so this was the best we could do before we all froze to death!  She was very proud of him though!

Mommy trying to make a snow angel in some pretty frozen snow.  It’s not as easy as I make it look here! haha!