Parades, Princesses, and other characters!

We got to meet a lot of special people while we were at Disneyland!  As you could probably guess Emeline was a little shy when we got to meet the characters while Kaylee was usually trying to destroy their costume in one way or another!  Here some of the best pics of the girls meeting their idols!

So to see the princesses now you stand in line for a couple of hours and then you enter their garden and get to meet three of them at once.   Even with the long wait Emmy and Kaylee were just so excited to meet the girls they get to watch in the movies!  We crossed our fingers the whole line that Snow White would be one of the princesses we got to meet because that is Emmy’s favorite at the time!  And she was!!

Belle is Emeline’s new favorite princess!  We have a book about her but since the movie is still in the vault Emmy had never seen it.  She did get to watch an old VHS copy at Grandpa and Grandma’s house over Christmas and now she obsessed!!

Kaylee and Belle!  It was cute to watch Kaylee get so excited about meeting the princesses just because her big sister was excited!  Fun!

Here we are with Tinkerbell herself!  She is holding a picture of Minnie dressed like tinkerbell that Emmy colored to give to her!  She also colored pictures for Minnie and Mickey!

Here we are with Minnie Mouse!  All the character were dressed up in their fall attire!  You can see Kaylee is fussing trying to pull Minnie’s ear off!

Kaylee loved goofy because unlike Minnie he actually let her pull his ears!

One of the coolest things in California adventure is Playhouse Disney live!  It’s a puppet show of all the disney cartoons that Emmy watches  on TV!  You come in to a huge theater and sit on the floor so that the kids can run around and dance.  Then they play music and have the puppets run around and they even drop bubbles and leaves from the ceiling.  Alex made fun of me because I started crying watching all the kids dance around.  Every kid in there was on cloud 9!  So cute!  I loved it!

“Please Dad, can I keep him?”

The parades were awesome while we were there!  Here are the incredibles in the Pixar parade!  It was really fun to see all the pixar characters!

This picture cracks me up!  It totally captures Emeline’s emotion during the parade!

Emmy had a great time at the Celebrate Parade!  She got picked to have a drum and picked to dance in a conga line with the dancers in the middle!  It was so exciting because before we went Alex had showed her a video of the parades and she asked if she could be in the parade too.  Alex said that we would just watch the disney people be in the parade!  But then she got to dance out in the middle!  So she showed Daddy!  🙂

Alex took this picture of all the confetti they throw on you during the parade!  I thought it looked really neat with the big Mickey balloon in back!

Alright,  I think I have it narrowed down to just one more post!  More later!

2 thoughts on “Parades, Princesses, and other characters!

  1. Belle is probably my favorite princess, too (unless they count Mulan, which I guess they do sometimes).

    All these pictures are so great! The Pixar parades look totally fun, and how awesome that Emmy got to participate in a parade, too!

  2. How fun, Jules! It looks like you guys went a lot of places. And I tear up too when the kids get to do something really cool or someone is especially kind to them. I feel silly and all I can think is that my hormones are all messed up and have completely changed since my pregnancies.

    It is so wonderful though to get to see your kids have these kind of experiences!

    We love Belle too and searched everywhere for a copy. We inherited my parents’ old VHS but had lent it out to a friend and they took forever to get it back. Lilly is princess crazy. It would be so fun to take her to Disneyland.

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