Ice Skating

The Elder’s quorum had an ice skating activity.  This is one of Alex’s favorites since he is a good skater.  I am not so much so I was the self-appointed photographer!  Emmy loves skating too and she even took a few steps by herself this time!

Here’s Emmy and Daddy skating!  Look at the smile…she was so proud of herself!

Here’s a good one of Alex’s smile…he is so proud of himself! 🙂

After Alex and Emmy skated in the same direction for awhile Alex turned around and held on to Emmy’s hands while she skated toward him!

Then they moved on to one of these walker things for beginning skaters!  Emmy thought it was totally awesome!

Then Emmy needed a quick hot cocoa break so Kaylee got to take a spin around the rink with Daddy!  I think she liked it but was cold!

Here’s Emmy trying it all by herself!  Alex was right next to her in case she fell but she could hold herself up!

She even took a few steps all by herself!

After I took Kaylee home for her nap Alex took the camera out on the ice and got this really cute one of Emmy skating all by herself!  She loved it and they even have a little girl hockey team here in town…Alex can’t wait! 🙂

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