So I was really sick and wound up in the ER with a super high fever over Halloween so we didn’t do a whole lot.  Luckily Alex, Grandma Kath, and Grandpa Layman came to the rescue and helped the girls have a fun time!

Here’s Emmy dressed up like Snow White for her Halloween party at school.  Grandma Kath helped get her all ready!  Emmy was pretty excited!

Los Alamos has a downtown trick or treat every year.  This year it was the night before Halloween.  Alex and my dad took the girls for a bit but it was really cold so they didn’t last too long!  Emmy was tired of her snow white dress up so by this point she had changed into a sleeping beauty costume and Kaylee is sporting a super cool witch costume Aunt Christina bought!

I felt a lot better by the ward party so we dressed up and went!  Here’s Goldilocks and the 3 bears!  Daddy bear, baby bear and blinky bear!  🙂

Emmy and Kaylee were both a little dazed from all the weekends activities at this point!  What cute girls!  They got a lot of candy!  In fact right now Emmy is looking at this picture and asking me for some of her candy and there is probably some of it left somewhere in the house…

So this picture is kind of blurry but I just though Kaylee was such a cute little baby bear I wanted to share!  Happy Halloween 3 months ago everyone! 🙂

One thought on “Halloween!

  1. Logan was looking at your blog and he was wondering who “Blinkey Bear was!” 😆 He got the joke after I explained it to him.

    Seriously, SUCH a good idea — Emmy’s the perfect Goldilocks!

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