Disneyland part the second

So last post I talked about Emmy’s favorites so I thought I’d show some of Miss Kaylee’s favorites this time!

One of her favorite rides was “It’s a small world”!  Emmy loved it too.  Kaylee thought that anything where you rode on a boat was totally awesome!

Here she is with mouth wide open staring at all the singing dolls!  Those of you who know Kaylee know she doesn’t stay still for long but It’s a small world kept her still with awe!

Here’s Emmy riding one of the carousels.  There is King Arthur’s horse carousel in Disneyland and King Triten’s under the sea carousel in California adventure.  Both girls loved these!

Here’s Kaylee and Grandpa on the carousel too!  She would pat her horses head and kick her legs the whole time she was on there!  This carousel was right next to the big roller coaster in California adventure.  So the girls got to ride it about 15 times while the adults took turns on the roller coaster!

Here’s Kaylee in a teacup like ride that they have in California adventure.  Think she is having a good time?

Here is Kaylee with her Aunt Annah on the riverboat in Disneyland.  Kaylee loved it because again it was a boat…and boats are awesome!

Okay, still more to come!