A Few December Happenings…

Emmy has had a love/hate relationship with Santa Clause like many other kids her age.  She likes the idea of him and the fact that he brings her presents but she is not so sure about talking to him or getting her picture taken on his lap!  While my mom was visiting over Thanksgiving we went to a few different craft fairs and the fair at the senior center even had Santa!  He was so nice and since there weren’t many children there he came over and talked to Emmy and showed her all the Christmas things around the lobby.  She was so excited that she let us get some pictures and even introduced Santa to Kaylee!  Maybe next year she can help me convince Kaylee to take a picture with Santa!

Here’s Santa showing Emmy all the Christmas ornaments.

Santa and Emmy!!

Emmy also had her face painted at one of the craft fairs!  Emmy loves makeup and things like that so she sat very still for the lady and was smiling the whole time!  The lady asked if she did modeling or something since she was such a natural at getting her face and hair done!  She is such a little diva, that is for sure 🙂

Alex and I took the girls to the light parade they have on Central every year.  It is one of my favorite Los Alamos traditions!

One of the floats was done like Ralphie and A Christmas Story.  Here’s a pic of Ralpie in his bunny pajamas.

Here’s another float that looked pretty neat!

And here’s Kaylee and Grandpa after we got home!  It was pretty cold at the parade so we all had some hot chocolate with dinner!