Daily Archives: January 27, 2010

Pre-Christmas Present Opening

Since we were leaving so early for Christmas in Washington we exchanged presents with the Baker’s the night before we left.  Here are some pics of the festivities!

Here are the girls modeling their new dresses from Aunt Beth!  They are both just holding them up but it really looks like Kaylee is wearing hers, huh?  They also got some tutus that Aunt Beth and Grandma Kath made just for them!!

Grandma and Grandpa also got them these cool stools that have come in super handy!  Emmy uses it as a stool, a chair, and as a table!!  Kaylee pretty much uses hers however big sister is!  One is princesses and the other is tinkerbell!  They also got matching puzzles and place mats!

Here’s Kaylee sporting her new tutu!  She is very into dress up and dancing so she loves these skirts!

Emmy got a Tinkerbell puzzle!  She looooves the new Tinkerbell movies and whatnot.  She is also really good at puzzles.  She helped us do a bunch of them in Spokane!  She can pick out all the edge pieces and get them together already.  And she uses the box to figure out where pieces fit!  Very smart!!

Thanks Bakers!! (Including Givens!) We loved all the perfect little girl accessories!!