Daily Archives: January 13, 2010


Slowly, but surely, we are getting caught up on our blog!  It’s kind of cool to post so late because then the pictures aren’t as fresh in my mind and it’s fun to look through all of them again!

Here’s Miss Emeline eagerly awaiting the meal!  She was a great helper setting the table and cleaning up before all our guest arrived!

“If I smile can I at least have a roll mom??”

Here’s a shot of the table in all its glory!

Mashing potatoes!

This was a rosemary citrus turkey.  It came out really well.  I’m not the biggest turkey fan but everybody else really liked it!

The man of the house carving the turkey!

The rest of the spread!  (Sorry I’m putting in all these food pictures!  It’s just it takes so long to make you have to take pictures of it…right??

Kaylee stuffing the sweet potatoes and stuffing in her mouth!

Emmy’s favorites are rolls and deviled eggs!

The whole group!  Emmy was very excited becuase she had two grandmas, two grandpas and two uncles there!  Not a bad turn out! 🙂

Kaylee ate like the whole meal with that little piece of cranberry sauce stuck to her face!  She’s a super hero!


This was my first attempt at a cheesecake.  It turned out pretty good but it was a little soft!  I’ll have to practice to get the bake time just right…:-)

And finally, Emmy and Kaylee in their Thanksgiving night pajamas!  Kaylees foot is moving so you can’t see her’s as well but they both have little turkeys on them!  They were a gift from Grandma Layman!  Very cute!