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Disneyland Part 1

Well, as some of you may remember we went to Disneyland way back in 2009!  (Happy new year by the way!)  Anyway, after many hours of sorting through the over 2,000 pictures we have finally organized everything and are glad to bring you….Our DISNEYLAND BLOG POST! Ta Da…

Here’s the main gate all decorated for Halloween!  Emmy was so excited that we went in the gate right under Minnie!

Here we are just about to go in!  The girls are cut out of this pic…but don’t you worry!  There are many many many pics of them to come!

Emmy wanted to head straight to the teacups so we went straight to fantasyland!  The girls loved the big castle entrance!

Here we after the first ride on the teacups!  Despite Kaylee’s scowl in this pic they both loved it!!

Another ride on the teacups with Grandma, Uncle Christian and Aunt Christina!

Here we are after yet another ride on the teacups!  Emmy could have played on them all day!  The adults had to take turns though!  She even got her daddy to ride them once on the very last day!  (He gets a little tipsy when he rides the teacups!)

Okay, so this is the face Emmy made the whole ride!  This is her telling everyone to make it spin faster!  You can imagine how cute it was!!  She had a ton of fun!

After the teacups it was straight to the Dumbo ride!  Emmy had seen this ride on Jon and Kate plus 8 back when the show was fun to watch.  She has been wanting to fly Dumbo ever since!  Here is Kaylee with Aunt Christina and Mommy!  She loved every ride…she is totally fearless!

Here’s Emmy with Uncle Christian and Daddy.  Big Smiles!  She would fly Dumbo all the way up to the top and then just let him stay there! She liked being able to see the whole park!

So this was taken right after we rode on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!  I loved this ride when I was little but didn’t remember how scary it is at the end (aka, he crashes his car and ends up in Hell)  Oops!  Emmy was not exactly a fan as you can see in this pic!  Kaylee on the other hand was laughing the whole time and was pumped up and ready to go!

Back to Dumbo to make amends for Mr. Toad and peter pan (which Emmy also hated and Kaylee doubly loved!)

More Disneyland posts will be coming soon!