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Pre-Christmas Present Opening

Since we were leaving so early for Christmas in Washington we exchanged presents with the Baker’s the night before we left.  Here are some pics of the festivities!

Here are the girls modeling their new dresses from Aunt Beth!  They are both just holding them up but it really looks like Kaylee is wearing hers, huh?  They also got some tutus that Aunt Beth and Grandma Kath made just for them!!

Grandma and Grandpa also got them these cool stools that have come in super handy!  Emmy uses it as a stool, a chair, and as a table!!  Kaylee pretty much uses hers however big sister is!  One is princesses and the other is tinkerbell!  They also got matching puzzles and place mats!

Here’s Kaylee sporting her new tutu!  She is very into dress up and dancing so she loves these skirts!

Emmy got a Tinkerbell puzzle!  She looooves the new Tinkerbell movies and whatnot.  She is also really good at puzzles.  She helped us do a bunch of them in Spokane!  She can pick out all the edge pieces and get them together already.  And she uses the box to figure out where pieces fit!  Very smart!!

Thanks Bakers!! (Including Givens!) We loved all the perfect little girl accessories!!

Kaylee Turns One!!!

Well, it’s been a month since Kaylee’s birthday and I still can’t believe that she is already a year old!!  Since we were already going to be in Spokane for her birthday we had two parties for her: One in Los Alamos and one in Spokane.  We invited her friends James and Asher and I think she had a great time!

Here’s a picture of the cake!  I had seen a few different wreath ideas online but I kind of just made this one up.   I just kind of freehanded a bow and filled it in with stars.  Then I drew a bunch of pointy looking leaves and berry looking things.   For the sides I just used some Christmas ribbon I had!  I was pretty excited about how nice the ribbon thing worked!  I will definitely do that again…it was super easy and made the cake look really cool!  One of the guests even asked where I bought the cake…so that made me feel pretty good!

Here’s a side shot of the ribbon!

Here are the presents and cake!  And Tinkerbell decor…which Emmy “helped” Kaylee pick out!

The birthday girl herself!!  She was ready to dig into her enchilada and rice!!

Here she is opening her very first present!  (Between two birthday parties, opening Christmas presents with the Bakers, and Christmas…she is a present unwrapping pro!)

Her First Cabbage Patch Doll!!  She was pretty excited about that one!  Both the girls love to play mommy!

Darn my head is in the way!  She is scraping icing off while everyone sings to her!  Happy Birthday to Kaylee!

Just a little taste…

Now a big taste!

Now smear it all over the face!!  (She actually was much cleaner than Emmy was.  However there are some really good pics from her party in Spokane…she went to town on that cake!  Those will be in another post though!

Sleepy sleepy Kaylee heads upstairs for a bath and bed!  We love you Kaylee!  Congratulations on your first year!!  You are the cutest!

Ice Skating

The Elder’s quorum had an ice skating activity.  This is one of Alex’s favorites since he is a good skater.  I am not so much so I was the self-appointed photographer!  Emmy loves skating too and she even took a few steps by herself this time!

Here’s Emmy and Daddy skating!  Look at the smile…she was so proud of herself!

Here’s a good one of Alex’s smile…he is so proud of himself! 🙂

After Alex and Emmy skated in the same direction for awhile Alex turned around and held on to Emmy’s hands while she skated toward him!

Then they moved on to one of these walker things for beginning skaters!  Emmy thought it was totally awesome!

Then Emmy needed a quick hot cocoa break so Kaylee got to take a spin around the rink with Daddy!  I think she liked it but was cold!

Here’s Emmy trying it all by herself!  Alex was right next to her in case she fell but she could hold herself up!

She even took a few steps all by herself!

After I took Kaylee home for her nap Alex took the camera out on the ice and got this really cute one of Emmy skating all by herself!  She loved it and they even have a little girl hockey team here in town…Alex can’t wait! 🙂


One day Mid-December we got a ton of snow overnight!  The schools and the lab were closed so we all got to stay home and have a SNOW DAY!  It was very exciting!  Emmy begged all day to build a snowman but it was freezing cold outside.  Finally Mom and Dad caved and we all got our snow gear on and went out in the back yard!  We only lasted about 15 minutes before both girls were ready to come back inside but here are some pics we took of our quick adventure to the arctic!

Here’s Emmy, Dad and Kaylee heading down the stairs.  The wind blew the snow up our porch stairs!  So even on the top stair it is up to Emm’s waist!

I had to bring Kaylee back in for a minute while I grabbed some snow things and she fell over and couldn’t get back up with all her snow gear on!  It was kind of funny to watch and reminded me of the little brother in A Christmas Story (hmmm…i think I referenced this movie in the last post too!).  “I can’t put my arms down”!!  Don’t worry I helped her up right after I took the picture!

Kaylee playing in the snow!  Too cold to smile!

Alex making a snow ball or a snowman’s head…I’m not sure which!

Here is Emmy and her little snowman.  The snow wasn’t very good for packing so this was the best we could do before we all froze to death!  She was very proud of him though!

Mommy trying to make a snow angel in some pretty frozen snow.  It’s not as easy as I make it look here! haha!

A Few December Happenings…

Emmy has had a love/hate relationship with Santa Clause like many other kids her age.  She likes the idea of him and the fact that he brings her presents but she is not so sure about talking to him or getting her picture taken on his lap!  While my mom was visiting over Thanksgiving we went to a few different craft fairs and the fair at the senior center even had Santa!  He was so nice and since there weren’t many children there he came over and talked to Emmy and showed her all the Christmas things around the lobby.  She was so excited that she let us get some pictures and even introduced Santa to Kaylee!  Maybe next year she can help me convince Kaylee to take a picture with Santa!

Here’s Santa showing Emmy all the Christmas ornaments.

Santa and Emmy!!

Emmy also had her face painted at one of the craft fairs!  Emmy loves makeup and things like that so she sat very still for the lady and was smiling the whole time!  The lady asked if she did modeling or something since she was such a natural at getting her face and hair done!  She is such a little diva, that is for sure 🙂

Alex and I took the girls to the light parade they have on Central every year.  It is one of my favorite Los Alamos traditions!

One of the floats was done like Ralphie and A Christmas Story.  Here’s a pic of Ralpie in his bunny pajamas.

Here’s another float that looked pretty neat!

And here’s Kaylee and Grandpa after we got home!  It was pretty cold at the parade so we all had some hot chocolate with dinner!


Slowly, but surely, we are getting caught up on our blog!  It’s kind of cool to post so late because then the pictures aren’t as fresh in my mind and it’s fun to look through all of them again!

Here’s Miss Emeline eagerly awaiting the meal!  She was a great helper setting the table and cleaning up before all our guest arrived!

“If I smile can I at least have a roll mom??”

Here’s a shot of the table in all its glory!

Mashing potatoes!

This was a rosemary citrus turkey.  It came out really well.  I’m not the biggest turkey fan but everybody else really liked it!

The man of the house carving the turkey!

The rest of the spread!  (Sorry I’m putting in all these food pictures!  It’s just it takes so long to make you have to take pictures of it…right??

Kaylee stuffing the sweet potatoes and stuffing in her mouth!

Emmy’s favorites are rolls and deviled eggs!

The whole group!  Emmy was very excited becuase she had two grandmas, two grandpas and two uncles there!  Not a bad turn out! 🙂

Kaylee ate like the whole meal with that little piece of cranberry sauce stuck to her face!  She’s a super hero!


This was my first attempt at a cheesecake.  It turned out pretty good but it was a little soft!  I’ll have to practice to get the bake time just right…:-)

And finally, Emmy and Kaylee in their Thanksgiving night pajamas!  Kaylees foot is moving so you can’t see her’s as well but they both have little turkeys on them!  They were a gift from Grandma Layman!  Very cute!