Monthly Archives: November 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post…

Hey everyone! Alex is writing a blog post… or more of an apology, actually. So we promised a post about Disneyland, but we’ve been distracted. Mostly it was me distracting Julia and taking over the computer.

Fullscreen capture 1162009 100557 AM

You see, the new version of Picasa, Google’s free image organizing/editing software has something called face recognition. This basically means that you can organize all your photos according to the faces in the picture. For example, Emmy has something like two thousand pictures on our computer, and Kaylee has about a thousand (the second child is always overlooked, right Kaylee?). Anyway, it is somewhat addictive to organize your pictures this way, especially when there are tens of thousands of faces embedded in countless pictures. You see funny things, too: the software for some reason thinks that Emmy and Kaylee look just like their cousins Logan and Joshua, which is true if you look at them a certain way.

Anyway, what this means for all of you is that you can’t see all of our amazing Disneyland pictures. I left a few teasers on my Facebook page, but you have to be my friend (or Julia’s friend) on Facebook to see them. In the mean time we’re busy playing around with Picasa and looking at all the pictures of our beautiful girls. I imagine we’ll have our Disneyland pictures on here any day now… as soon as we’re done playing around in Picasa.