Preschool Princess

Well, Emmy started Pre-school this year through the school district!  She is having so much fun!  She just loves it!!  So now that school has been in for almost 2 months I’m finally getting around to posting about her first day of school!  She was so excited to go meet her teacher and the people in her class!

Emmy was too excited to eat breakfast and spent a lot of the morning trying to walk out the door!  She was also really particular about what she wore, how her hair looked, etc!  She is quite the Diva sometimes!

Grandma bought her this cute dress at the outlet mall in Park City!  It was just perfect for her first day of school!

We got this little snack box free when we bought sleeping beauty!  Up until now it had been home to her princess domino set from Grandma Kath…but it is the perfect size for Emmy’s backpack  so now it is her lunch box!

I drove her to school the first week so that she could get used to going in and out of the school!  Here she is on the front steps with her new backpack and her princess lunch box!  I didn’t cry the first day…but looking at this picture makes me a little teary.  She just looks like such a big kid now…not a toddler anymore!  That went by really fast!! What a good little student! Now Emmy takes a bus to school and she loves it!  One of the girls in her class catches the bus at our house each morning and the bus driver goes to church with us!  She loves seeing them each morning!  Her driver gives them invisible mice to play with on the bus…which she thinks is awesome.  She is constantly losing the invisible mouse around the house and will ask “have you seen my mouse?”.  When we asked what it looked like she said it is bright red and named Mommy!  haha!

She was kind of staring in the sun on this one plus she was in a hurry to go inside!  🙂    Some of Emmy’s other favorite things about school are her teachers, the fact that it has a library (so now she gets to go to two every week!), the potty and sink are just her size (she talks about them constantly, haha), the slide inside her classsroom and riding bikes!  They have also started learning letter sounds and she is doing great!  She also goes to Physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy to work with some of her tone problems from the CP.  But her teacher says that she is doing so great that if we work hard now she wont have to be pulled out of class in Elementary school for those kind of things!  So, so far so good!  Anyway, she is having the time of her life and I am so proud of her!  Yeah Emmy!

7 thoughts on “Preschool Princess

  1. Emmy! Look at that girl, going to school and everything. She’s so silly sometimes. I like that she named her mouse Mommy, that was hilarious.

  2. I love her hair on the first day! So so so cute! And you’re right- perfect outfit for school with the apple on it. I can hardly wait to do Kate’s hair cute but I think I’m going to have to wait awhile anyway.

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