Daily Archives: October 6, 2009


Wow, back to back sports posts!  Well, the Albuquerque isotopes are a minor league team for the Dodgers that we like to go watch every summer.  This year they made the playoffs so they had a few games last month too!  They are really cheap tickets and they have a great stadium so we always have a fun time! They blew a 3 run lead in the 8th and by the end of the ninth we ended up losing by 6…but it was still fun!

Here’s Emmy and Daddy!  They are still smiling here so it must be before the 8th inning!  I love this picture!

Kaylee has kind of a silly look here but I wanted the one with Christian in the background!  My parents had gone to California to attend my Dad’s friend’s funeral so Christian got to spend the weekend with us!  We had a lot of fun!

And here is another one of Kaylee and me!  She’s a sweetheart!


So I wanted to hurry and do this post while BYU is coming off of a win last weekend! 🙂  These pics were actually taken after the Oklahoma game a few weeks back where BYU won in a huge upset!  Go Cougs!

I got the girls these little pom-poms from the BYU bookstore so they can take them to the BYU/UNM game in Albuquerque.  Emmy wanted to get them out early and “practice” so we brought them out for the fist game of the season.

We took about 10 pictures trying to get one with both their hats on.   Kaylee was too fast though…so this was as close as we got!   Kaylee’s has a little baby cougar on it and it is really cute.  It used to be Emmy’s but we gave it to Kaylee and upgraded Emmy from the infant size to the toddler size!! Congratulations Emmy you finally have a toddler sized head! 🙂

So here they are doing some cheers even though the game has ended!  Alex had a couple guys over to watch the game so they were all celebrating as well!  It was kind of cute becuase we brought the pom-poms down right before BYU scored their final touchdown and so we told Emmy it was her cheering that helped them win!  She was very proud!  And Kaylee didn’t totally mangle her pom-pom to death…which was a great accomplishment for her! haha!